January 27, 2008

Finding Ways

I really really really want to go to the San Franciso Art Institute (SFAI) for grad school. Actually, I just want to go to SF. Get away from the cold. Weather affects our decisions. Weather affects our consumption decisions. For example, the car wash is closed on super cold days. Waterslides and waterparks are also closed. Anything related to water + outdoors is pretty much closed.

But in the summertime, everything related to coldstuffs is successful. Ice cream, Icees, ice, iced tea.

The day of the week also affects our consumption decisions. It's a totally lazy Sunday today, even though it is above 30°F today. Sunday means pajamas and contact lenses, so I'm not going anywhere today.

I'm doing HW, surfing the internet (SFAI, NYtimes, etc.), eating, music, cleaning. Oh, and Sunday is also a good day to make primary and secondary lists. For example, in the primary category, there're Groceries. In the secondary category, there's Ciabatta Rolls. If a tertiary list is necessary, then SuperTarget would be in it.

Total: $0

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