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Genius Loci

One of the most meaningful places to me here at the University of Minnesota is a small group of benches near Frontier Hall overlooking a hillside of trees leading down to the Mississippi River. I find this quite the place to relax and unwind a bit when I have the time.


Sitting on the benches, especially on a clear night, gives a twilight view of the river. I don't have to see the cityscape, other than the windows illuminated on the side of the river of course. This, however, doesn't bother me much. The view reminds me very much of being back home in my small town, sitting by the lake and seeing the few buildings across the water from me. It is quiet, it is clear, it is soothing. It's almost like being back in a rural setting - back with nature, away from the city. Unlike other locations I am every day -- my room, for example -- I feel this setting bares, at the very least, minor resemblence to home, and I believe I can actually relax and feel at home.

But as I turn to leave the scenic river view, I am once again faced with the inescapable cityscape.

city scape.JPG