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Analysis structure


I chose to analyze the article “In search of the Giant Pumpkin� by Allie Shah.

The lead begins with “A science teacher� which is an interesting focus on the prize winning Chad Revier.

The second paragraph describes the prize money, the weight of his prize winning pumpkin and location of the contest.

Shah then quotes Revier, goes into dramatized detail of the weighing process, and then quotes Matt Marose, one of the events co-founders.

The end of the article focuses on the contest rules and finishes describing Revier’s even bigger pumpkin that was too rotten to be eligible for the contest.

I feel as though key information is given in the beginning, while the drama in the middle holds the reader to the end. I realize hard news is not supposed to have that type of drama or opinion but I think it works in this particular case.

The pumpkin contest was not a serious controversial topic, and Shah seemed to take advantage of that, while painting a picture of what the contest while the weighing took place.