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Collapsing Labrador research

Collapsing Labrador research

University of Minnesota researchers have identified a gene linked to the collapse of Labrador retrievers during intense exercise and excitement.

The Exercise Induced Collapse affects 3 to 5 percent of Labrador retrievers.

During increased excitement a dog’s legs will begin to wobble, which then leads to their back legs collapsing. In unusual cases a dog will also collapse their front legs or even lead to death. Typically, dogs recover quickly from the collapse.

This month the University of Minnesota released the identification of a distorted gene associated with EIC. This is the first time the particular gene, dynamin 1, has been recognized in a mammal.

Dynamin 1 produces a protein which distorts chemical signaling between muscle nerves and the brain.

In addition, learning more about how EIC protein functions could assist in understanding human disorders.

A new DNA blood test can recognize the mutant gene for $65. A Missouri breeder, Brett Bunk, uses the test to decide which retrievers to breed in order to ensure healthy dogs.


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