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Continued..Motorcycle investigation finds domesticated murder

Staged motorcycle crash was a domesticated murder.

Natasha Waalen was beaten to death the night of her ‘crash’ by on-again-off-again boyfriend and father of her child, Ryan Boland, 33, and his brother, Timothy, 31.

Waalen’s friends describe her as the ‘it’ girl, pretty, smart and kind. Tasha’s a tough chick who would never allow something like this to happen to someone else says childhood friend, Scott Kalpakoff.

Ryan Boland informed authorities that Waalen was drinking the night of the crash and they argued in their garage.

Langston, a co-worker of Natasha’s said that Waalen did not like to party, she was too devoted to 4-year-old daughter Savannah.

It was actually Boland and his brother who were at a Ramsey bar that night before staging the accident after beating Waalen to death.

Waalen was found 50 feet from her motorcycle, there was a red strap tied around her body and arms, defensive wounds to the back of each hand and three wounds to her forehead inconsistent with a possible crash, authorities said.

A Coon Rapids homeowner hired Boland two years ago for roofing work and said “He was nice, very conscientious and talked as if he was married,? Crane said. “I even met his daughter, who must have been 2. For the two weeks I knew him, he seemed like a real family man.?

Both Boland’s are charged with second-degree murder and aiding abetting second-degree murder.


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