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Spot and follows analysis

The Star Tribune printed the article "Anoka motorcyclist's death raises questions" by Abby Simons and Tim Harlow on September 19, 2008.

A follow up article was printed in the Star Tribune titled "No easy solutions to puzzle of Natasha's death" by Paul Levy

The first-day story sets the scene for what was found at the scene of the crime and what is suspected. There are no details and the article notes that Natasha Waalen, “received death threats after threatening to sue a local man�.

The first-day lead informs readers that authorities notified Waalen’s father that his daughter’s injuries indicate that her crash may not have been an accident. The follow up story opens with a personal description of Waalen being the ‘it girl’.

The follow up story incorporates personal description of Natasha Waalen by friends and adds more detail on Ryan Boland. There is also an emotional element that was absent from the first-day article.

Waalen’s previous complaints of Boland are explained in the follow up article, along with information about domestic violence and the suspected time and events of the crime.

The follow up ends the article with an interesting view on the tragic case. Journalist Paul Levy, notes how domestic violence can happen to anyone, and you can not tell an abuser just by looking at them.