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Unusual cure

Warning: The following content is not for those with weak stomachs.

Human stool found to cure a stubborn intestinal infection in Duluth clinic. Dr. Johannes Aas could not figure out why antibiotics were not working for patient until he came across a 1950s Norwegian medical journal with a similar case.

The cure was to replace bacteria in a patient’s stomach with a small amount of another person’s stool.

C.difficile is to blame for the patients upset stomach. People are apt to get this infection from antibiotics that destroy both good bacteria and bad. Consequently the C. difficile in the stomach takes over causing severe diarrhea.

The stool procedure is done through a nasal tube to the stomach. A small dose of a donor’s stool is then injected into the stomach to restore balance.

The cure is 95 percent effective, but doctors are not sure why this works. Aas suspects that the donated flora balances the bacteria within the gut and keeps the C. difficile in check.

Sources: Star Tribune