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Corvette Crash

Corvette crash
Stephen Dooher, new owner of a Corvette T-top, crashed his car Monday night killing three of his friends in the car. Dooher is charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide.

Alcohol was involved in the crash that happened off a Wright County country road. The victims involved are: Andrea Northern, 23, Michael DeMars, 22, and Derek Krammerer, 22.

There is dispute over whether or not Dooher should serve time in jail.

DeMars family said that “nothing will be gained by sending him to jail.�

Northern’s mother does not agree, “Somebody has to pay. There was no reason for four people to be in that car.�

The four friends were very close and were out celebrating Northern’s birthday.

Sources: Star Tribune “Joy ride’s tragic turn tears at 4 families�