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Diversity Analysis

Diversity Analysis

“American Muslims get country’s cold shoulder? by Allie Shah truly depicts the Muslim stereotype and its effects on the Obama campaign.

The article depicts American’s views of Muslims and the double standard people set on the culture.

Shah interestingly tied in how an Obama staff moved a Muslim woman to a different person of the stage before he gave a speech in Wisconsin.

“The Obama camp also took action against further association between Obama and Muslims during a Michigan appearance. A female Obama supporter, who happened to be Muslim, attended his speech wearing a head scarf. The woman was standing on the stage behind Obama’s speech podium. An Obama camp staffer saw the woman and decided to move her to a different, less prominent spot.? –my previous blog

More importantly Shah made some very valid points on Obama promoter’s quickly and loudly denouncing Obama’s affiliation with the Muslim community without adding a “so what if he was?.