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A French Doctor Uses Medicine to Cure Alcoholism

A French Doctor Uses Medicine to Cure Alcoholism

Dr Olivier Ameisen, 55, of France quit drinking by self-administering amounts of a muscle-relaxant.

“The first effects were a magical muscular relaxation and baby-like sleep,? he said. Almost immediately his desire for a drink decreased.

Baclofen is still not authorized for treating alcoholism.

“I prescribed it to two alcoholics who were really at the end of the road. To be honest, it was pretty miraculous,? Says Dr Renaud de Beaurepaire of the Paul-Guiraud hospital at Villejuif near Paris.

“Encouraging people to think that there is a miracle molecule is to completely misunderstand the nature of alcoholism, and is extremely irresponsible,? says Dr Michel Reynaud of Paul-Brousse hospital in Paris.

“But even if it turns out to work, that does not mean a drug alone is the solution.?


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