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Motherly Love

Motherly Love

A New York mother went to extreme lengths to prove her son’s innocence. Doreen Giuliano’s son, John Giuca, was convicted of murdering Mark Fisher, a 19-year-old college student in 2003.

Giuliano went through an extreme transformation by losing weight at a gym, dying her hair blond, tanning, creating a phony name and a sexy change of wardrobe. She then initiated a relationship with one of the jurors, John Allo, for almost eight months. The two drank at bars, had dinners and smoked marijuana in Giuliano’s Brooklyn residence.

With recorded tapes of their conversation, Giuliano has a base for a defense motion that was filed this week.

“What she did was extraordinarily commendable,? said one of Giuliano’s lawyers, Ezra Glaser. “It shows the love of a mother and the great lengths she’ll go to help her child.?

Giuliano accuses Allo of having personal knowledge that Giuliano’s son ran with a rough crowd.

“Allo went on to explain that he didn’t know Giuca directly, but used to hang out in his clique and heard rumors that the Fisher slaying—something he failed to mention when questioned under oath during jury selecti0on. Asked if he had been curious about newspaper accounts of the trial, he responded that he’d read them. He also bragged that he had been the first one during deliberations to vote for a conviction.?-Star Tribune

“I shouldn’t have been in that jury,? Allo said.

“My main concern was that John got a fair trial,? said Giuliano.


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