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If You Want to Attend Events at Spark Fest w/Classmates:

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If you want to go to events with other people from class, you can list when you're going as a comment here, or you can email the class (see previous emails to class from me). Great idea, SarahMay!

Quote of the Week

"If the world were clear, art would not exist." -- Albert Camus

Assignment #2: Spark Festival


Tuesday Sept. 28 will be an optional studio day -- meaning there will be no formal class, but I will be in the classroom to assist if you want to use the time to work on your projects. However, in lieu of coming to class, everyone is required to attend at least TWO events at the Spark Festival, which runs from Wed Sept 29 through Sat Oct 2. There are many events on and around campus -- some in the Regis Center for Art. Below you can click on the link to the website or download the schedule for details on times and dates of events.

Attending two events is the first half of your assignment. The second half is to write at least two paragraphs as a blog entry (as a comment to this assignment) describing the events you attended and answering all three of the following points:

  • 1. Describe something about the performance or art that worked for you and discuss why.
  • 2. Describe something about the performance or art that did not work for you and discuss why.
  • 3. Describe something about the performance or art that inspired you.

The assignment is due by midnight Sunday Oct 3.

Link to festival website:

Click on link to download a pdf listing of events:

Assignment #1


Please visit the Katherine E. Nash Gallery exhibit, Vis/a/Vis: U of M Faculty Show, and pick one work of art from the show to which you felt a strong connection. Write a 2-3 paragraph comment on the main blog page beneath this entry describing the piece you chose and the connection you felt to it. Then answer these 3 questions:

  • 1. Is there a story and, if so, whose story is it?

  • 2. Whose point of view is being expressed in this piece?

  • 3. What do you feel is the "truth" of this piece?

Please post your entry by midnight, Sunday Sept. 19. This Assignment is in addition to your weekly journal entry, which is also due at that time. Late assignments and journal entries will not be given credit.

For information on the Nash Gallery and this event:

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