Assignment #2: Spark Festival


Tuesday Sept. 28 will be an optional studio day -- meaning there will be no formal class, but I will be in the classroom to assist if you want to use the time to work on your projects. However, in lieu of coming to class, everyone is required to attend at least TWO events at the Spark Festival, which runs from Wed Sept 29 through Sat Oct 2. There are many events on and around campus -- some in the Regis Center for Art. Below you can click on the link to the website or download the schedule for details on times and dates of events.

Attending two events is the first half of your assignment. The second half is to write at least two paragraphs as a blog entry (as a comment to this assignment) describing the events you attended and answering all three of the following points:

  • 1. Describe something about the performance or art that worked for you and discuss why.
  • 2. Describe something about the performance or art that did not work for you and discuss why.
  • 3. Describe something about the performance or art that inspired you.

The assignment is due by midnight Sunday Oct 3.

Link to festival website:

Click on link to download a pdf listing of events:


So I just went (bright and early har har) to the first event thingy, "Empathetic Architecture." All in all it was pretty trippy - I was confronted by a circle of talking robots when I first stepped in. They seemed to randomly be saying somewhat inane robot babble. I later discovered that they're triggered by a motion sensor to the left of the door (if you're looking at the door), and all connected via USB to a controlling CPU. They do take turns though, so they're considerate robots.

I had to leave after 40 minutes or so, because once the cymbal things got fired up they started too many loud (very loud) dissonant chords, which gave me quite a headache. That definitely didn't agree with me. I mean it was cool at first, because I saw the dude setting it up - a bunch of cymbals & gongs & stuff set up around and hanging around, all connected with electronic triggers (presumably microphones or something tuned to a resonant frequency or something). But man when they got fired up, it really made my head pound. I don't like dissonance...

There was a bunch of other random stuff, including several video loops. The one titled "Tehran Zoo" was a bunch of clips of zoo animals in what looked more or less like a prison (zoo bars look a lot like prison bars), in black and white, with very ominous sounding music. It included creepy scenes of a lion chewing on the severed head of some grazing animal while staring at the camera. That said though, I really liked the way they were able to juxtapose human and animal scenes - for instance they showed a monkey lying down on his side, and a human doing essentially the same thing. Very sobering.

Even weirder was the psychedelic cardboard-sock-puppet-thing that was flaying around with trippy text ("THERE IS NO FUTURE, NO TIME. WE HAVE OUR COLLECTIVE HEADS UP OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES"). Actually, after that last line, I became suspicious that the video screen behind the sock puppet thing was a colonoscopy...

The coolest part was probably the electromagnetic microphone recording thing. I can't remember the title, but it was just scenes of various electronic devices operating. They played the sound of presumably the electromagnetic waves coming from the devices (mapped into the human hearing spectrum of course :P). Some of the devices probably didn't even need mapping though, come to think of it - as soon as I got out of the room I became keenly aware of the constant zzzzzzz tsssss sounds from different electronic devices all around us. Very cool :)

Oh man wtf now someone's in Coffman playing Baroque music, and I hate Baroque music, so I'm going to leave.

Ok so I decided to just gut through it and go to the opening dealy at 6pm. The Indian food there was really good :) Not spicy enough, but whatever. The atmosphere was almost cozy, and thankfully not TOO loud - the bass only shook the tables, not the floors, walls, & people. And in its defense, the tables were really light, flimsy tables.

Anyways, there were a few electronic musicians performing. There was an eletronica dj, doing a bunch of remixes. I liked most of his stuff, and listening to it made me realize something, a gut feeling that I managed to finally materialize into a coherent statement. I like remixes if they stay within the genre that they came from. So Daft Punk remixed into other eletronica is cool. K'Naan taking Lupe Fiasco's beat from Kick, Push to make Kicked, Pushed is awesome (see links). Williams ripping off... every Classical & Romantic composer to make music scores, that's ok. But a lot of the cross genre remixes seem to be complete crap. There are a few exceptions, for example Jedi Mind Tricks do a pretty good job of grabbing classical & romantic hooks. Usually though, it just sounds painful to hear an oldie song turned into trip hop.

What really was painful though, was the second set of performers. At first I was optimistic - they busted out a soprano sax, bass clarinet, and flute (ok...), along with some synthesizer thing. But the resulting "music" contained few in-tune notes, few notes with good tone, and a whole LOT of dissonance. It was so painful that half the people at my table were visibly wincing at many points during the performance. I can understand and appreciate that some dissonance can be musical and artistic. But when it's so much that your ears feel like bleeding, I start to seriously question whether or not it's worth the time...

I really did like the atmosphere of the performance though. Having good food in a relatively small room, with simple tables, and a wide assortment of people (including a lot of old geezers) is pretty cool. Beats the hell out of Orchestra Hall in a lot of ways, and makes me want to attend more events like that.

Well Me and Zoe decided to go together to the Concert on saturday at 4:30 at the Barker center. I thought some of the performances were good and some I just didn't like. I want to choose one performance that got my attention, which was The ship by Kristian Twombly, i think, i might be wrong, however it was a dance and graphic arts in the background that kind of told me what it was about. What the artist was trying to get out in my opinion was that the future is now holding slaves of the past. What I mean by that is because when she was dancing, she had a circular shield looking thing that she was trying to protect her from this light and futuristic sound like a Robot. The graphics looked like a bunch of computer chip signal growing and growing every second. So that is what I thought that worked about "The Ship". I also like Fabian Winklers, Dolly, which I think Fabian is British because he was sitting right next to us and he spoke with an English accent. I think it worked because what I believe this performance was about cloning humans and sheep's. The reason is because their was a lady with every thing white on, even her hair was colored white. Then there was a projection of her in the background. When she was moving around the cloned version of her was moving in a different way, which I seem to get out that cloning cannot resemble who you really are. I mean sure you look exactly like someone but you can never have there personality and movements. Then it showed some sheep's in the background which I also thought was about cloning because scientists used sheep's as a cloning experiments.

What I really think didn't work was the group of musicians which I think was OINC (Oberlin Improv and Newmusic Collective), Improvisation 45. The reason it didn't work for me was the same reason that Daniel had about the dissonance of the sound, it was a bunch of sounds played randomly and i thought it had no synchronization at all. Im not being disrespectful about the performance but i really couldn't get anything out of it. I also did not think David Butler, Microfiche did not work. Because first of all it was 3D and that was the only cool thing about it, everything else was just a bunch of square boxes coming towards you and a bunch of micro light thing that just moved around a little. It was really short to, i think about 3 minutes. It didn't get any message through my head. What didn't work about the show was is that it was 30 minutes on delay and one performance with the lady with the saxophone had 3 technical difficulties.

What inspired me was Fabian Winkler, Dolly because it really had a connection with world problems and I thought was really caring about the world. saying that don't use animals as experiments because they have feelings as same as human beings. So I thought that made a powerful connection to me.

Well, firstly I attended the concert started from 4:30PM with Tenzin, and this is the most creative concert I never saw before, I really had lack of attendance in such a different concert. The first performance which is called Dolly really works for me well. Originally I thought the drum set can only play multiple beats with the same tone, but this performance changes my own judgement, my own point of view toward this performance is the artist trying to express a man who is hard to sleep. The music was divided into two parts, the first part the background music works for me well, it contains a lot of complex electronic elements which make it sounds really secret and intertwined, the artist beats the drum with cadence discontinuously which like he tried to express a metaphor of a man who struggles sleeping because he encountered so many frustrations. And then the music gradually become quiet and the background music was gone after the strongest beat, this is the moment of the start of the second part of music, I think this is the part of the man fall asleep gradually, he forgets all distractions. This performance really work for me because the artist use so many electronic elements in beating drum for composing complex music and give audience wide space for imaging, and the strong contrast between two parts of music is an excellent transition of the artist's expression.
The performance does not work for me is the second show, Words to Dead Lips. The way that she performed in saxophone is creative, she used the classic instrument for playing modern electronic music; however I think the elements she used in performance is too little compare with other performance, I saw one performance including dance, music, visual art, and electronic art which gave audience a strong impact from all of our sense organs, anyway, I like performance with complex way of expression, not only just focus on one element.
The performance which inspired me is the same artist in the different screens plays instruments with the same real artist who stands in front of us, this is creative, usually the cooperation of a band perform in the same dimension space, but this artist form a 5-people band with all himself perform in different dimension space, himself in the screen perform in the two-dimension space, and himself in the reality perform in the four-dimension space. Combination of different space for performing may be the main trend of future art, it allows audience to think with both of their left brain and right brain, the perfect combination of virtual world and reality.

I went to two events, but only one of them had performances as the other was an artist talk with Fred Frith. The other was the concert on October 2 which two other people have already written about.

I arrived a little late to the Fred Frith talk, but the part I was there for was very good. He's a very good speaker. The things that really worked in his presentation were humor and personal anecdotes as well as his emphasis on the idea that all improvisers are first and foremost listeners. There really wasn't much that didn't work in his presentation. He's an excellent speaker. I was really inspired by his story of one of his collaborators, Evelyn Glennie, who happens to be deaf. It was really amazing to hear about this woman who has no idea what sound is but who can identify notes based on how they vibrate. It just shows another side of what humans are capable of.

Because it is hard to say what worked and didn't work at the concert as a whole, for the second one I'm going to talk about a particular performance within the concert to avoid being disrespectful.

The performance I'm going to discuss is that of Pramila Vasudevan, the interpretive dancer. Things that I felt really worked were the projected visuals and the ongoing motif of this floating ball of light that she was trying desperately to catch. However, what didn't work were the sounds at the beginning. It was very awkward. It started out with a trickling that sounded like pee and then moved on to awkward noises that sounded very much like farts. The old guy next to me found it very humorous. The only other thing that kind of didn't work but kind of did was the ending. There really was no clear ending. The audience just sat there for a minute before someone started clapping and everyone else joined in. I'm not really certain that there was anything that particularly inspired me in this performance although I was definitely captivated by it. It was thoroughly intriguing and somewhat magical.

I decided it would be interesting to attend two events that took place at night since I consider myself a night owl. I also didn’t get a chance to go to any spark fest events until the very last day. This left me with only two choices, the first being Love Power IV at the Love Power Church.

I have never seen or heard a performance like this in my life. I’m happy I went to this event and tried something new and also happy to know that there are a lot of things in the world I haven’t experienced. The shows consisted of musicians using various electronic musical devices, as well as drums and guitars, to create unique, unusual, and distorted sounds and music. Some people might consider it music, but for the most part there was no real cohesion between the musicians and sounds and there was also rarely a beat to the “songs”. For me, it really didn’t work that the songs didn’t have a real rhythm or beat. At some points during the performance I thought I understood what the musicians were trying to express when they each sarcastically went into a sort of rock and roll solo at the same time, clashing and making a random mess of sound. I was impressed by some of the surprising and sometimes even organic sounds the performers managed to make and produce. It was inspiring to see people working hard to do something different and try to use tools and instruments in a way they aren’t normally used.

The second event I attended was also at the Love Power church and was called Nightlife IV. The thing that I was most impressed by was that they really set up a very convincing and relatively complete club with most everything it should have. I guess it could be called an artificial club. Either way, the music and DJs really worked for me because it had a strong beat and made it feel like a party where dancing was encouraged. The bass of the music literally shook and vibrated my innards, which always seems to make things more interesting. There really was nothing about the event that didn’t work for me except that it was a little too stuffy in the basement for me to enjoy myself. The whole experience was impressive since it was set up relatively fast and was in a small basement yet still had the lights, sounds, and atmosphere of a club. To me, it was inspiring that this could be set up in such an unassuming spot and be made to work. Now I know if I ever want to, I can throw a party anywhere as long as I have a lot of lights, projections, and music… and people would help too.

I saw three bands at the Love Power Church last Wednesday evening. It was a blast. I got there early during set up. The basement was decked out with plenty of color changing light effects, a stage and a hanging sheet onto which videos could be projected. There were a handful of exhibited pieces upstairs and plenty of good company. I spoke with Robert from houseluna, the last of the three bands to perform. He told me about his interest in music and explained his set up to me. Robert performs with three different things in front of him: A small drum kit, a laptop and turn tables with which to mix and scratch. Looks like a lot of fun. We talked about different means of creative release through art... turns out Robert is a huge fan of photoshop.

The first two bands performed some lovely ambient electronic music and houseluna wrapped things up with a nice set. What a nice fall evening at seven corners.

I went to the Music, Video and Dance and Love Power IV events on Saturday. I enjoyed the first event very much since it was my first introduction to experimental music. My personal thought on this is that it sounds like something from a horror movie. The performance I enjoyed the most was "Fit into the Crowd" by Julien-Robert Legault Salvail. I thought it was hauntingly beautiful (except for the occasional high notes that sounded like screeches). The background noises of a city street with the voice of a woman saying "I shouldn't step too far out of place" and "It's better to not take risks" add to the haunting feel it creates, sort of urban-like in its aura. It created this feeling of fear that everyone has when they want to fit or belong in a crowd. The sounds coming from the saxophone was deep and meaningful.

The second event I went to was the Love Power IV, which is a concert. I was only able to stay for the first part of it, which was Fred Frith playing and experimenting on his guitar by electrical means. I was a little disappointed in the sounds he produced because the music had no rhythms or beats that went together. It felt like a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me, but I did enjoy watching how he created all those sounds. I especially like the part in which Frith placed a silver chain-like necklace into a can or something on the surface of his guitar. I think it created the most interesting sound. I also like the part when he used a chalkboard eraser-like thing to create this sort of scratching noise on his guitar. When he used the violin bow, I was cringing in my seat because of the screeching sound it created. I couldn't wait for it to end.

I attended Spark events below:
1419 III • 9:30pm–11pm • (1419)
Friction Brothers
PAS with special guest FluiD
Nightlife III • 11pm–2am • (L)
Kendall Station
The first three that were sets of performances were at 1419 were quite interesting, as it’s not something you see every day. They had performers that would make music that was like equivalent of sound effects/musical sounds. The performers used things form dried ice and all kinds of culinary tools and metal pieces, fishing poles, a bicycle and parts of speaker equipment, tremble and drum bass with bells-wooden spoons etc.

The second set of event I went to was at love Power. It was DJ’s playing different forms of electronic music: house, electro, etc. To me this was pretty much similar going to a club and dancing or listening to this kind of music. – no wow factor there.

I would say that part at 1419 that worked for me was the uniqueness that it involved. It kind of reminded me of what a lot of us used to do as a child – we would play with pots and pans, pieces of broken equipment, old used/unwanted objects. So with all these things as children we would try to make odd, weird, interesting noises that we may have heard, try to replicate, or just make. Of course as children our parents would tell us to stop making all that “noise or racket”.

So when thinking about the three performances it reminded me and brought me back to when I was little. In so do I wrote these short lines:

Drop the lights,
Feel the beats,
Let your inner child come out,
Let yourself be a child once again,
Play your rhythm beats,
This which once was thought as noise

I guess this worked for me because of its originality and how it brings you out of yourself. I guess a lot of times when we started maturing and growing up there are some people that say that things should be a certain way or sound a particular way. When I was listening to these performers it remind of letting go and just going with what you feel you want. Like who is to say that music has to be or sound a certain way in order to be considered music instead of noise. It reminds me of the other week in the circle when we were talking about art – who has the authority to say what is good and what is considered bad art and in this case music.

The Love power performance – is the part that didn’t work for me. I hear lots of electronic music I usually like it but I can be a bit particular about it. Being at this performance didn’t do anything for me at all. It just felt like any club playing top 40’s music etc. I would say it didn’t stimulate me at all and felt like a waste of time. (I guess also in some respects I was getting pretty tired at this point as I was still a bit sick. It just didn’t work for me.)

I would say the part of the performance -1419 – which inspired was that in any respect we all have to make up our minds what we want out of life – it can be anything. If you are going to be a painter, photographer, architecture etc., know what you want and go for it. It is often hard to know at what point we say that this is this. There, here at this point that I have this dream, this goal of making this _____ and this. I don’t care how crazy it is or how far out it is but this is what I want and this is what inspires me. I think this is why a lot people tend to be unhappy they tend to do or be something that only makes sense on paper. I guess for me after going through the start of a couple majors I think I am starting to understand this. Go with what you really want, what makes you happy, what keeps you inspired.

The two events that I went to were on Wednesday night. The first one I went to was called Ambient Showcase I (10-11pm) at the Love Power church where I got to see the Earworm Improv Ensemble perform as well as a DJ called MKR. The atmosphere was simple...there were lots of people, a few tables with chairs, dim lighting, a few tapestry decorations hung around and in front they had the computers and mix boards set up for the performers. The first group (Earworm) was the most bizarre. They had 4 people performing--a few on computers, a random instrument and vocals guy, and a saxophone guy. At first, it had a small build up of sound, but then eventually it got to the point where their sounds wouldn't match up at all. The "random instrument guy" would occasionally make strange gutterel noises into the microphone--which I could've appreciated, except for the fact that he looked really silly making those noises into the mic. The second act (MKR) was my favorite of the two. It was just one guy DJ-ing with a mix board and a computer. He played all sorts of sounds, but to me I think it could've been categorized as a kind of psytrance--it had a bouncy/roll-y feel to it that that kind of music typically has. It got really bass-y at points, which was absolutely wonderful, though I caught a lot of the older people making upset faces.
The second show I went to see was that same night and was called Nightlife I (11pm-2am). This took place in the basement of the church, which was set up to feel more like a night club scene. There was a dance floor and there were different colored lights shining and flashing everywhere and they had a DJ table with a mix board set up in the front. The first artist who played (GreyField) had a sheet set up on one end of the dance floor. On this, a film of random seemingly abandoned hallways was being shown. The hallways would periodically warp and distort, which reminded me of a horror-film. The music the DJ was playing along with it was also creepy and I found out later that all of the sounds he used were recorded in those hallways and were just distorted. The music was really heavy and made me feel kind of anxious, but it was a wonderful experience. A few other people and myself just sat down on the dance floor and stared at the projection of hallways from beginning to end. The second act (Ghostband) was pretty awesome too. It was really intense, "ghost-y" music that had the bass turned up so loudly that your hair felt as if you were sticking your head out a car window while speeding really fast down the highway. During that set, they also had the lights flashing and turning around every which way which gave the basement of the church a "haunted" feeling--which was delightful. I didn't stay very long for the last set (houseluna) because I was exhausted.
(Ambient Showcase I) What really worked for me, was the second performance (MKR). I really enjoyed his style of music and found it much more pleasing to the ear, rather than the first group (which was still alright...the saxophone player was amazing). The way he worked with the different sounds and manipulated each one to fit with the other was really fun to watch. Usually, when I go to a concert, you can't really get up close to the DJ to see how he's working the mix board. This guy just seemed to be really into his music too, which was really fun and exciting to watch. He was bouncing along with his music, which just made me want to get up and bounce along with it too, but I restrained myself.
(Nightlife I) What worked for me was the use of lights and visuals. It was great to be receiving all of those sensory things--being able to hear the music and put it along side some really awesome lights and that hallway film. The basement was much more open, which was a nice feeling--didn't feel so stuffy. The style of music was also personally refreshing. I really enjoyed the heavy bass and eerie sounds--it helped open me up more emotionally.
(Ambient Showcase I) A few things I found really didn't work for me. I was really disappointed that there weren't more visuals going on. The whole scene kind of felt awkward to me...maybe because I'm so used to attending concerts where it's acceptable to dance to the music and experience all sorts of wonderful lights and visuals? I don't know. It was just the audience sitting and watching the DJ, which felt very weird to me. I also didn't really enjoy some of what the Improv Ensemble, Earworm was doing. There were a lot of points in their set where they would just all stop the melody they were playing and would all join in on one long, shrill squeal that pierced my eardrums--not fun to listen to.
(Nightlife I) There wasn't a whole ton that didn't work for me. I really wish more people would have gotten up to dance...that's what I felt like doing the whole time. Some of the lights got a little too flashy at times, which would've been really bad for someone with epilepsy.
(Ambient Showcase I) It's hard to say what really inspired me. I kind of left that show feeling incomplete and awkward. Though, I did try to think of some of the things that I found interesting about the show. The second DJ sure inspired the feeling within me to just get up and dance, but I was afraid of embarrassing myself, so I didn't. During Earworm's set, I found the concept of improv interesting--how so many different members of a band can feed off of each other to create an interesting piece without having rehearsed before-hand. While listening to them, I'd try and pick out each one of the sounds each person was creating--which helped to make it even more interesting to listen to.
(Nightlife I) I found, once again, that I was really inspired to dance my face off. I thought it was really very cool that the GreyField artist had recorded all of the sounds from those hallways and had then warped them into a kind of music for his piece.

I went to the opening event on Friday after class and also the 4:30 concert on Saturday. On Friday, I had some of the great Moroccan food and explored the exhibits. I had a very interesting conversation while I was eating with a man from london who was performing in the vultures group. I don't get to talk to people from the UK much and so it was fun to talk about differences in lifestyles and environments and to finally learn about news from a person that doesn't make the USA feel like the only country on Earth. We really need to do something about the scope of news that is covered.. Anywho. After eating, I ventured into a room where I listened to a man play an interesting piece in the center. However, I quickly got distracted by a video loop on a far wall. I didn't get the name but it was basically a stream of photographs flying sideways but stitched together so that there was always a constant line in the center of the projection. It might be the line of the horizon, or the a tilted picture of a shirt, but remained there constant amid the dizzying array of colours flying by. What worked for me about it was that normally when a person views a moving image it is literally impossible not to pick temporary focus points and move your head back and forth like a type writer. In this however the line could be your focus point and you could observe the pictures as they flew. What didn't work for me was that the projection was done on a corner of a two walls and as such had a kink in the eternal line. I was nonetheless inspired by the line itself and the idea that everything is connected. You just might have to twist your frame of vision a bit. On Saturday, I went to the concert at the Barker Center. A piece that worked for me was Fabian Winklers, Dolly. My interpretation of it was that it was about a young girl in a troubled dream. I really liked the electronic feel to a dream and the imagery in the rhythms were pretty powerful. I agree with Tenzin about what didn't work about the technical difficulties and delays. They could have been more prepared. No matter, I had a great time and I was inspired with new ideas of how to make art and what to make it about!

The two events I attended were the last two of the Spark Fest at the Love Power Church, Love Power IV and Nightlife IV. I'd always been intrigued by the welcoming Jesus on the side of the building but never really knew what it was all about, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to check the place out in addition to listening to some new music during Love Power IV. Okay, so maybe "music" isn't quite the word I'm looking for, it was more like noise to me. I didn't really understand the sounds at all because to me, it pretty much sounded like everyday sounds that you'd hear if something had just broke or malfunctioned in your house. I was very much a fan of all the decorative aspect side of Nightlife IV. All the colored lights and decoration were trippy and super cool despite the small space they had to work with. It definitely didn't feel like we were in just some basement building, just off the freeway.
Even though I couldn't really get into the actual music itself, I could really appreciate the passion the artists had for what they were doing, as well as the people who were there to watch them. This festival really helped me understand how broad the definitions of art and music art through out the Twin Cites area.

I'm not sure if this counts as an incomplete since I was only able to attend only one event, but I guess that gives me at least half the credit? (Was out of town).

But the event I was at was the Sparkfest Reception. Just a small thing of interest was that lamb (I think it was lamb anyways) was served before the show which I thought was pretty awesome! The parts I saw could be categorized as experimental sound art I think.

The first event of the show had two people controlling sounds like a DJ. The part of that
event that didn't work for me was just how there was a crowd surround the two artists. When I got closer, I was just expecting something visually cool since everyone was surrounding them. I guess it was what they were using and how they were doing it. I didn't get close enough to see however. Overall it didn't seem too extraordinary to me. It seemed like a long buzzing that was just being manipulated. The part that worked for me was the set up. You could hear everything since the speakers were placed around the crowd so you had no problems with hearing. I was inspired by how both artists could draw in a crowd even though not everyone would get it as I saw people go in and out from their performance.

The second performance that I saw had two separate performers. The first was a guy who had some house hold items such as coffee cans to make noises as well as gongs. It was aesthetically pleasing to the ear for me as it sounded the most like music to me after the first performance of the event. The part that didn't work so well for me was just the fact the artist was looking at his laptop the entire time. Even though it was to maybe read notes, I
think anyone who learned the same musical set up as him could have just done the same thing
if they studied it. The part that inspired me was just how simple his work was. He reminded me that you can make music out of the simplest objects in life. I appreciate that I could just hear something pleasing to the ear where I didn't have to interpret it.

The second half of the second performance was just interesting. For the first 2
minutes, I would say he was just making noises by sucking air in and out of his throat,
mouth, and nose. I felt really bad since I could not keep a straight face to be honest. I feel worse since I was sitting straight across the camera that was recording the show. After that, he picked up two flat metal scrapes and began to scrape them and hit them on the floor. He would then pick up the other objects that were placed on blanket and made noise with them as well. I was just really confused most of the time, but I eventually began to like it for some reason. At the end of the show, I asked the artist about the objects and why he used them. He told me that the he connected to the friction of the objects that he used as he liked the texture. He said the ground was too smooth so his performance wasn't the same as it was supposed to be like. The objects were ones that have been traveling with him for a while so things would come and go. The part that inspires me the most was just how he connected with the objects. Although he could just use better things to make his performance better, he uses what he is connected to in his work which I can relate to doing.

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