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Team Member Score Sheets

Here is a pdf of the Team Member Score Sheet that needs to be handed in to me by Thurs 16 Dec. It is a part of your grade, so make sure you fill one out! You can turn it in during class, or you can leave it in my mailbox in the Art Dept office.


Reschedule of Final Class due to Blizzard

Due to the snow emergency, many of you - if not all of you - will be unable to work together on your projects this weekend. I really do not want any of you trying to get together in this weather. In fact, let me just say this: Don't go out!!! Stay home and be safe, play board games, drink hot cocoa, make snow angels, write papers, study for finals, etc. Meanwhile, I've checked the finals schedule and there are only math finals scheduled at 1:30 on Thurs Dec 16. So:


You must be there.

If you have a math final at that time, let me know ASAP. Otherwise, I know some of you may have something planned on that date/time since we weren't originally scheduled to have class, but you'll need to reschedule whatever it is. Being present at the final class is MANDATORY.

So, we will not be having class on Tues. I repeat: No class on Tues Dec 14. You should use this time to work on your projects - the classroom will be open exclusively to you from 1:30-4:30 on Tues. And remember - no late projects will be accepted, so if you do not arrive to class with your 2 DVDs in hand ready to go, then you get NO POINTS for the final project.

On another note, I'll be emailing the score sheet for evaluating your teammates later this weekend. I'll also upload a copy of it to the blog. Each of you will need to hand in (or email) your score sheet to me by the start of class on Thurs or you will lose points!


Launch the iDVD application (you may need to find it in your Applications file). Choose "Create a New Project" and save your project. The name you give it will show up on the DVD when inserted into the computer to be played.

The default theme will play, but ignore it. Switch to "DVD map" view (either by clicking the button below the iDVD screen or by choosing "View" from the menu bar at the top and selecting "Show Map"). Drag your final QuickTime .mov file to the little box that says "Drag content here ..." You should see an icon for your file in the box and it should begin encoding. To see the encoding process, choose "Project" from the menu bar and click on "Project Info."

Before you burn your DVD, choose "Advanced" from the menu bar, and click "Loop." You will see a small circular arrow appear in the box on the DVD map w/your file. This will ensure that you bypass the funky little theme that iDVD so desperately wants to play -- and your movie will automatically play w/out a theme when you put it into the DVD player.

Now, you click the "Burn" button, or choose "File" and click "Burn DVD." Insert a blank DVD when the program tells you to. I recommend DVD -R (though +R will also work in these Macs. I just have had better luck w/the -Rs). It should take about 20 min to burn, hopefully less. When the first DVD is done and you eject it, the program will ask if you want to burn a second one. Go for it.

Good luck and see you Tues w/your finished DVDs in hand!!!!

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