3-Preface to Mamer's Film Production Technique

This short Preface will be handed out the first day of class, but the pdf is available here also. We will be utilizing portions of Bruce Mamer's book, Film Production Technique, and being that he was my film teacher (back in the days of covered wagons when film school really meant FILM and digital didn't exist), I share much of his philosophy and approach to working with moving images (film/video).

That being said, I consider myself to be a filmmaker yet I work primarily in digital video. Go figure. It's all fundamentally the same process to me -- the end result, however, is where the road divides.

Please note that this older edition of Bruce's book has a primary focus on film, but the sections we will be using are relevant to all moving image production. The term "filmmaker" applies to anyone working in motion images. I highly recommend the latest edition of this book for those who wish to continue working in film/video production.

Click on link to download Preface to Film Production Technique:

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