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I don't know what to write but I just saw the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" and I really want to go see it. Although I am aiming towards 3D animation, I would like to be a part of the production of a film like Harry Potter because it would be different. I don't know how different because I don't know a lot about video productions, but I hope it would not be too different. I would like to be in the special effects department, but I would also like to direct one film and tell the story the way I see it.

I'm not getting credit for this, but there were many interesting pieces at the exhibit. I particularly like the one that was called "Silent Schism." As I was looking at it, I kind of imagined those blobs moving forward, as if I was surrounded by them. This conjured up the image of neurons and all the chemical reactions in our brains, and the cells that we are made up of. The art piece had an interesting composition (maybe that's why it caught my attention).

Bee Lee - I just got back from work and am eating my dinner right now. I have had heard that eating late at night is not good for your body, but the feeling of hunger is too great. I can't resist. I'm going to be staying up later so I think my stomach will have enough time to digest my dinner.

I got lost on the West Bank trying to find where the Love Church was. I think I passed it three times before I saw the mural on the side of the building that had "Love Church" written on it. There was nothing on the front of the building to indicate the name of the building. I actually went there during the dinner event but I didn't stay for the dinner because the room was small, crowded, hot, and stuffy. So I went to Noodles and Company to eat a little something before the next event started, which is the concert. I would have liked to stay and watch the whole concert but it was getting late and I had to go pick up my sister from work.

I was watching this movie called, "WarGames" on TV tonight and it reminded me of the Prisoner's Dilemma. The movie is about a high school student who hacks into the U.S. military's defense system. He comes across a program call WOPR (I forgot what it stood for) and tries to get access to it. He could not, of course, so he researches on the creator of the program. The student then sees an old video of the creator with his program and hears him call the computer "Joshua." The student then uses that name to get into the WOPR program.

He is granted access and the computer starts talking to him. It asks the student if he wants to play a game, and the student chose to play "Global Thermonuclear War." He chooses to be the Soviet Union so the computer gets to be the U.S. And the student chooses to bomb Seattle and Las Vegas. The game starts, and all of a sudden, the military gets radars of two missiles heading for Seattle and Las Vegas. They panicked and wants to fire their own missiles at the Soviet Union.

The student doesn't know until he catches the news on TV of missiles going to hit Seattle and Las Vegas. He freaks out because he doesn't know if it's happening for real. He gets picked up by the government and is put in isolation until further notice. Since he's a hacker, he got out of the room and goes to find the creator of the program so that the program can be shut down. He finds the creator, of course, but there is nothing the creator can do to stop the program. So it's up to the student to save the day.

Haven't written anything in here for a while. Right now, I'm watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" with my sister. I recently saw the movie by M. Night Shyamalan. I thought the movie was pretty decent and goes with the story, but I was disappointed with the computer generated images and the fighting moves. There's also this thing with the fans of the anime about the races of the people. In Shyamalan's movie, there were Caucasians, African Americans, and Asians. Fans of the anime really hate the movie for not portraying every character with an Asian because fans have always imagined the characters to be Asian. I don't understand why people are so stuck up about the races of the characters. I'm glad Shyamalan's movie is one of the most diverse movies ever. I have no objection to his decision.

I'm looking forward to his next installment, although I doubt he will continue due to the bad reviews out there. I have not seen nor heard any good reviews about his movie so I hope he will continue regardless of what others say. I'm pretty sure fans will go and see the movie just for the heck of it.

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