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I'm currently reading the book "The Corrections" by novelist Jonathan Franzen. It came recommended by a friend of mine who aspires to be a novelist himself. So far, I'm enjoying the sizable book. It's about an adult man living in New York City. His parents are aging midwesterners and the city frightens them. Relatable. The parents in this novel, especially the mother, have all these dreams of convention for their rather unconventional children.
A part I just finished reading involved the main character grappling with a hypothetical choice. He has the option of keeping his exterior self but changing his entire personality, ie, the things he likes and the way he relates to people. Does he decide to do it? No, but he is tempted, as if he might be so sick of himself by now that he's ready to be rid of his familiar self in exchange for something new.
It reminds me of a Bob Marley lyric along the lines of "You're running and you're running and you're running away, but you can't run away from yourself".

I want to tell everyone about Uffie! This girl kicks butt. She's a musical performer originally from Miami who moved to Paris and got into Electronic, clubby type music. She sounds a lot like Ke$ha I guess... you know, tik tok... She's R rated, so maybe that's why her name isn't as known. Some people classify her as a rapper of sorts. I think her style suits young people and is really fun and free.

Look up "pop the glock" which is not about literally killing people, but just kind of an anthem about not messing with Uffie's crew! And, of course, saying what's on your mind without overthinking too much! What have you got to lose?

Ever heard of Caponi Art Park? It's in Eagan... takes about 20 minutes to get there by car. It's a really neat place dedicated to art, nature and sculpture. Anthony Caponi is an Italian guy who used to work in advertising. He lives at the park and makes these beautiful sculptures. On occasion, Caponi will make a sculpture with the intention of capturing the material's essence. As opposed to having a plan for the rock, he will kind of let the rock tell him what should be done.

I really appreciate this way of working. It seems feeling and joyful. It is good to work in various ways. Alternate between planning things out; trying to make the pieces fit, and not having a plan. Keep it fresh.

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