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This weekend I went to go see Ratatat at First Ave. I only discovered Ratatat earlier this summer and promptly ordered tickets for what would be a sold out show. And Ratatat did NOT dissapoint! They were absoletely fantastic. The energy that they generated had the pit going crazy, however the 2nd floor was much more subdued, which is where I was originally but then moved to the pit. Classics such as Lux and Wildcat stood out as favorites for me during the show. Not only was their playing incredible but, the light show accompying the music accentuated solos, tempo changes, etc in very inspiring ways that really brought the show to the next level.

Luckyyy. Ratatat's awesome! Mega Jealous
- Gavin

My roommate was there too! Sounds like it was awesome! I'm with Gavin...so jealous.
-Sarah W

This weekend was a veg weekend. I went out and bought Halo: Reach for xbox and I must say that I am impressed by the quality of the graphics and the storyline. Which got me thinking back to our discussion of narratives and how that relates to video games. Now, there's a lot of different kinds of games, not all of which have a well developed narrative or any narrative in some cases, and good games can be found in any genre. But, I would argue that the best ones, the ones that stick with people, are the ones with good narratives behind them. If you google "best video games of all time" the top 10 games in any of the numerous lists have excellent narratives (excluding tetris which made top 10 in quite a few lists). This is a potentially eye opening revelation for me as I was already considering going into the video game development with a computer science degree and was also thinking of minoring in English. Perhaps writing the stories of video games is the middle ground?

I also tried to get tickets to Kid Cudi at Homecoming last night. I managed to create an account before the site crashed at 11 pm from the massive surge of people trying to buy tickets. After a few hours of frustration and error messages/page timeouts I gave up and set an alarm for 4 am. Woke up then, and got tickets with no further problems. I don't think that this entire process could have been planned poorer. First of all the concert is in the parking lot... when there's a perfectly good stadium right next to said parking lot. Then they only have 4,500 tickets, when the demand is much much higher than that. And my final gripe is with the tickets being sold online only, it would have been so much simpler to have a really long line in Coffman.

I attended the Spark Event "An Uncommon Affair at Tooting Bec Common" in Regis on Wednesday. This event was a room, open for anyone to come in and observe. There was a pedestal of sorts in the middle of the room with a movie being played on the four surrounding walls. However, on each wall there was a different portion of the movie being played. It was impossible for me to discern the chronological order of the walls in the time that I was there. The entire thing reminded me of "F is for Fake" in the way that the plot was jumbled up on purpose and one was supposed to try to make connections between them, whether those connections are correct or not.

The intrique and mystery of the story itself compunded with the intrique and mystery of the splitting up of the plot made this a very interesting exhibit. However, it was also quite distracting from the plot and I was inspired far less by the story than I was by the presentation of it.

This weekend I went apple picking near Rochester. I used to go every year before college, back in Wisconsin. It was nice to go at least somewhere again, and get away from the chaos and stress of the past few weeks. I got a dozen apples (6 Regent, 6 Macintosh), 4 of which have gone into my first attempt at making apple pie by myself, which turned out much better than I could have hoped. Then it was back to the homework grind, with no let up in sight for the time being.

On Tuesday I got to cross something off of my bucket list. I went to see Muse in concert. It was everything and more than what I was hoping for. I've been wanting to go to see them for years but never managed to pull it off. I was so pumped up to see them, every year that they have actively been touring since 2001 they have won a "Best Live Performance" award from at least one magazine/music review thing/etc. And they lived up to the hype, no question about it. It was by far the single most amazing musical experience of my life. Matt Bellamy is a god of rock and I still get chills remembering any song from the set list they played. I'm hard pressed to chose a favorite of the songs they did but, top 5 would have to be Starlight, Knights of Cydonia, Plug in Baby, Stockholm Syndrome, and Take a Bow in no particular order.

Nothing particularly interesting happened this week. I started looking at classes for next semester, and found out theres a dinosaur class, GEO 1003! I am going to do everything I can to get into that class. I took a career quiz thing online, it was a very good quiz. Pinpointed lots of csci fields and also a lot of other fields I have at least considered. What surprised me was the veterinarian suggestion. I love animals but never actively thought about becoming a vet, due to my fear of needles and general squimishnish when it comes to blood, broken bones, etc. I'm intrigued nonetheless, I might volunteer at a vet clinic and see if I like it.

The past few weeks have been pretty rough with the mountains of homework, the breaking of my laptop and phone, and the death of my cousin. I figure I've got a lot of saved up good karma coming my way soon, hopefully. I am very glad that this week is a short one and lots of glorious food shall be eaten. The Packers won in style, which is always good, especially against the Viqueens. Sounds like Favre might actually really retire now, I still have my doubts though. He won't be happy until he dies on the football field.

I completely forgot to do my blog over the weekend. Sorry. Thanksgiving was a welcome break from the craziness of school. However, it was weird this year without my sister there who is studying abroad in Holland. The weather in Iowa was fantastic! Mid 40's and mostly sunny most of the weekend, played a lot of football. It's disappointing that the Gophers lost to Virgina yesterday in basketball... but I guess that's Gophers sports for you. Build up your hopes of having a good team and then bring them crashing down.

This weekend was a good weekend. Filming went a lot smoother than I could have imagined. I feel very good about the footage we got. Past that I wasn't too productive homework wise, which will definitely come back to bite me this week. But, the end of the semester is in sight and I am so ready for it be here. Highlight of the weekend was seeing The Way of the Warrior, the cowboys vs ninjas movie. It was ridiculous and fantastically awesome! There were some serious parts though that were beautifully done too, it wasn't all comical. I would go see it again if I had the time.

So, another semester is reaching its' end. Finals are approaching, projects are due next week, the stress is at its maximum with a 10-15 page archaeology paper due tomorrow consuming all thought processes at the moment. Interestingly enough, my topic for the paper was inspired by this class when we had our discussion about the evolution of creativity. I am researching the archaeological evidence of the evolution of creativity. It's turning out to be extremely difficult to write.

Anyways, looking back, the semester was a roller coaster. Lots of highs, just as many lows. I managed to find time to relieve stress though, and mostly blogged about those activities. I've never had a blog before but, it was usually pretty easy to come up with something to write about. I learned that I am an extrovert despite my shyness. The weeks where I had to seclude myself to get work done were the boring weeks with nothing to blog about. I learned that I still don't know what I want to do with my life, and am running out of time to do so if I want to graduate on time. I enjoyed learning photoshop and final cut, and I really like editing. I'm usually not a perfectionist but, with editing I want everything to be perfect.

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