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Looking back on my weekend, I honestly wish it was more eventful because my weekend was pretty much devoted to working. Although today wasn't something I throughly enjoyed, when I went on my much needed lunch break at 2pm, I walked by Party City and watched as two employees hung their "We've Got Halloween Costumes!" poster in the window front, and it got me to start thinking that I NEED to figure out what I want to be for Halloween a.s.a.p.!
You see, my favorite band, Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles is releasing their third CD on this same holiday, and they have encourage people who come to the show to dress up. Although it seems like it should not be hard, this is a very unique and clever group of people, so the costume needs to be something outside of the box, but I'm having no luck what-so-ever thinking of a great idea that also fits me personality.

Any suggestions?

oh and if you're interested in hearing some Lucy Michelle sound...

So, I realized this weekend, after extensive thought about our upcoming project, I some inspiration. I am completely stumped for ideas. I'm trying to think of a truly moving and powerful thing that I want to base my work off of, but I can't think of anything; or at least anything that doesn't sound trivial, or juvenile to me. It always seemed when there is a time constraint on my creativity, I can't quite channel it! Oh the frustration!

While sitting on my couch right now, I'm just overwhelmed by the feeling of contentment. Frankly, I'm quite surprised that I feel this way considering I've barely caught up on any sleep (I was up until 6:15 in the morning yesterday talking with a neighbor of mine), the fact that it got off to a really rushed and over-emotional start, and I still have quite a bit of homework left to do. The mood I'm in right now actually reminds me a lot of the feeling I got when I listened to the sounds of the nuggets in the "Effervescent" piece at the Vis/A/Vis show. I don't really know what else to say except I'm really enjoying this feeling right now, and I wish I knew how to channel it when I ever I wanted. But for now, I'm just going to sit here and enjoy it. :)

This weekend, two room mates, five of their friends from out of town, and myself set out for a day of adventure in downtown Minneapolis. Growing up in the city, I'm not the person who usually proposes the idea to galavant around the city since I'm pretty used to seeing places like the Guthrie, or the Stone Arch Bridge, or the Mill Ruins often enough. I decided to come along instead of sit home by myself. Even though I thought I'd seen these Minneapolis monuments more than enough times in my opinion, I was actually surprised how much more beautiful everything was in the fall colors on Saturday. Even though I had been in the Guthrie, one thing I had never done was go into the Amber Room, and I've got to say, that was probably one of the coolest parts of my weekend. The hazy yellow glow the windows put all over the city just put me in one of the most serene moods ever! We're planning more city exploration trips in the weekends to come!

I think it's kind of funny that I go from last weekend, where everybody plus four extra people, were in our house, to this weekend, where it's just me and my two guy room mates. Even though the two guys were in town this weekend with me, I figured neither of them would be around our house long enough for me to realize they still here too. When all the girls told me they were going home this weekend, I was not to jazzed to say the lease. I thought I'd be spending the weekend in my room, by myself, secluded from everything else. Of course since this is what I was expecting, quite the opposite ended up happening. On Saturday night, some two friends and I went over to West Bank to eat, and totally forgot that it was the Zombie Pub Crawl that night, so it turned into some fantastically amusing "zombie" watching.

Sundays...oh Sundays! This is actually the second Sunday in a row where I have spend the majority of the day cleaning. Last weekend it was the bathroom and my clothes, this weekend was sweeping, vacuuming and washing the floor in my bedroom, along with washing my floor rugs and, once again, my clothes. I know this may sound really strange and neurotic, but I've come to enjoy spending my Sundays cleaning. In some ways it makes me happy and scares the crap out of me because on one hand, I know my mom would be proud, but on the other hand, I just flat out sound like my mom by saying admitting I enjoy the cleaning aspect of my Sunday. Being responsible is such a double edged sword.

Oh hi Stress! You can go away now!
On Friday, I went to my lab, then went home. 15 minutes later, I biked to Regis to pick up a camera, then biked back home again, and about 5 minutes after that, got a call from a guy who I was buying something from on Craigslist. I wasn't supposed to get a call from him for another 2 and a half hours, so naturally, I was surprised to hear from him. I left my house again, about 7 minutes after I had gotten back, only to bike all the way back to West Bank again. Safe to say, the majority of my Friday was spent biking back and forth to almost the same destination.
Saturdays' I work from 11 until 2, and when I got home I decided to film for 2 hours before I had to bring the camera back to Regis. After fooling around with some random objects and duck tape, I securely attached the camera to the handle bars of my bike for filming. My plans was to get some panning footage at the park on my bike because walking was too slow and driving in a car was too fast paced. I know you can speed up and slow down videos in Final Cut, but I didn't want to rely on that in case some moving people were in my footage. After a couple hours of filming, I went inside to put the videos on my computer. I could not find the 8 videos I had filmed ANY WHERE on the card. I also didn't have time to sit and try to figure out how to convert them all because I had to get the camera and card back to the equipment check out center. So basically all of the footage I shot on Saturday was lost.
Today, I woke up at 11, which, as far as I'm concerned, is pretty much 12... day light savings be damed. I didn't really feel like doing anything that I had to do today. What a lazy Sunday! Tomorrow though, ohh boy, I'm waking up suppppeeerr early to make up for the lost footage on Saturday. I'm hoping that I won't feel this indolent in the next 4 days ahead because this is going to be a busy week for me.

I need Thanksgiving Break real bad! Ahhhhh!

Thankfully the stress has subsided after these past two weeks. I actually didn't have much homework this weekend at all, which was really nice for a change. I even got to catch up with Glee on Hulu because I had missed the last two episodes since I had been so busy!
That being said, I'm more than a little nervous about registering for classes tomorrow. I've had my classes pick out for 2 and a half weeks. I even met with my advisor and my major advisor to check over everything. I JUST REALLY HATE WAITING. It's especially nerve racking since I have such a late registration time this year and I've been watching the number of open spots in classes that I want to talk slowly drop this past week. There is only one that still has open seats in the double digits. Everything else has less then 9 available! AHHHH! If things close up, there will be a lot of e-mailing going down for the next couple of days for permission numbers... that's all I have to say... haha

I'm really surprised how fast these past weeks have gone by. Mondays are my free nights, then I work until 9 on Tuesday, have night class until 8:50, and work again on Thursday until 9. Sad to say, after Monday, I just try to get to through the middle three days of the week as fast as possible, and by the time they're over, it's already Friday and then the weekend. On Friday, it seems that there is so much time to do everything you need to, but with the weekends, of course that's never the case. Before I know it, the weekend's over and it's Monday again.
As much as I'm excited for next semester, I'm really going to miss the classes that I'm taking now because I really enjoy the content and have made some good friends in my classes as well, which I wasn't really able to do last school year. Hopefully next semester, I'll get at least half as lucky. :)

Oh blog entries! My goodness! I've never really disliked doing personal assignments like this. Once you kind of get into the hang of it, writing the weekly entry isn't that tough considering we can write it about whatever we want. After a while though, it's hard for me to remember to do them every week. One thing I've wondered week after week was if anybody had actually read mine, or if it has been only been GiGi. I hope it's not weird or strange to say that I have read some of the other classmates blogs over the semester. I think has been an interesting way of getting to know them on a more personal level, and in a way that isn't so class orientated even though the assignment is for class. Overall, I'd say that my experience with the blogging this semester has been a positive one, despite some minor technical problems. :)

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