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An interesting thing happened that has allowed me to write a post that pertains to our class, where-as I normally plan to write about my own interests, or not, we'll see.

Today, I visited the Katherine Nash Art Gallery in the Regis Center for Art to review it for another class and write about my favorite and least favorite works of art. The interesting thing that happened was that I settled on a video presentation as my favorite work despite a wide variety of beautiful and interesting works. That is not something I expected, but maybe I should have considering I love being overwhelmed with both visual and auditory stimulation.

A video projection by Lynn Lukkas measuring 15’ x 20’ named 'Telling Time: Chantal Ackerman' was the work I chose.

The piece of work was not one I necessarily understood or knew what it was about, but I couldn't take my eyes off the woman that was being interviewed. The projection was so large that the detail in her face and the expression and mannerisms she showed were engrossing to me. Her eyes also said a lot, they were very wild.

I'd recommend going to see it as well as the rest of the gallery and seeing what you think.

That goes to show the power that film has to draw a person is and connect them to what is on the screen. It is also interesting to me that I immediately saw the idea of narrative in the project since we have talked about it in class, how quickly connections between one class and another are made. Hopefully more are made, everything working together can only make things more fun!

The one experience from this past week with the most impact was one that made me have the strongest emotions and also feel the saddest. I went home to visit my parents and our farm this weekend and expected to feel relaxed and happy to be home in a comfortable environment, but I immediately realized that home isn't always how you remember it. Even after taking a year off from college and living at home for the last 15 months, it has only taken a little over 12 days to settle in and become used to the activity of the twin cities once again.

When I got home I immediately felt lonely and disconnected from everything. It probably didn't help that it was a perfectly quiet and still day, the weather was becoming more fall-like (cold, sad, and gloomy in my opinion), or that my parents weren't actually home when I got there and my dog was locked in the barn and wasn't able to give me the usually homecoming of barking and jumping on me. Also, my home is a farm in the middle of the country, it's quite different than Minneapolis.

I think another thing that made me feel uncomfortable at my own home was that things actually had changed and everything wasn't just as I left it. There was a new kitchen island installed where there used to be open floor space, my dad was almost done adding on a set of stairs and a deck on the side of our house, nothing was as green and cheerful as I remembered, and the crops in the fields are drying down meaning harvest is near and it's likely I'll miss most of it. This is something I'm more sad about than I ever thought I would be since it just means a lot of work, but it's also a time that I spend with my dad and mom finishing something that we've worked on all year long.

Maybe that's what's so sad, it's the end of another year, winters coming, and I don't feel at home at my own house. But I probably shouldn't be too worried, I'm sure if I just stayed a few days, my house would feel like a home once again.

I had a boring week but a busy weekend. It seemed that all my activities this weekend related to major events in a person's life. My parents had their 30th wedding anniversary today and I went with them to a dance performance on Friday at Northrop Auditorium to celebrate. It was very fun and a different experience than what I'm used to.
On Saturday I had a funeral and a wedding to go to, the only thing missing was a baby shower or something to do with birth to complete the cycle of major life events.
I also visited and stayed at my house again this weekend since the things I was attending were nearby. I was happy to learn that I wasn't as uncomfortable back home as I was my first time back and I suppose that has something to do with the fact that I was very busy and rushed for the entire weekend and that kept my mind preoccupied.
All and all I didn't have any life changing experiences this week but I did realize that I still have many more things in life to experience.

Sorry to hear that .......... ive moved around so much that no where has ever really been home for me, even in places that i have lived several years for. I am not saying that some places have been really great, interesting to be living there.
Just the only place that i can picture in my head that gives me the sense of home in my gran's house in Jordan, MN.

I visited with my brother this weekend and a few interesting things happened. The first is that he handed me a book and said I should just open it up and read a little bit of it to see what I think. I did, yet I still have no idea what to think, but I do feel that what I read was interesting enough that I'm going to post the first few paragraphs.

"When we don't speak, said Edgar, we become unbearable, and when we do, we make fools of ourselves.
We had been sitting and staring at the pictures on the floor for too long. My legs had fallen asleep from sitting.
The words in our mouths do as much damage as our feet on the grass. But so do our silences.
Edgar was silent.
To this day, I can't really picture a grave. Only a belt, a window, a nut, and a rope. To me, each death is like a sack.
Anyone who hears that, said Edgar, is bound to think you've lost your mind.
And then I have the feeling that whenever someone dies he leaves behind a sack or words. And barbers, and nail-clippers--I always think of them, too, since the dead no longer need them. And they don't ever lose buttons either."

If you'd like to know what book it's from just leave a comment and I'll tell you, I'm interested if anyone else finds it entertaining or has read it.

The other interesting thing we talked about was that he was recently in a wedding with a celtic theme and he wore a kilt and the whole outfit. When he was on his way to the wedding he stopped at Walmart to pick something up while wearing the entire outfit. The odd thing is that nobody said a word to him about it or really paid much attention besides a few odd looks. In my opinion this could be considered good in that the general public has progressed so far that they are used to and accepting of most everything and everybody; or it could be that we are all too reserved, awkward, or self absorbed to bother to make a comment, ask a question, or say anything, or maybe just a combination of everything. I feel like if I saw someone completely decked out it that outfit, I would at least ask what they are up to.
And yes, I did try it on and I think I looked awesome.

Harvest in southern Minnesota is in full swing and fortunately I have once again had the opportunity to be involved in this process this past weekend. Farming has always been a major part of my life even since I was a child sleeping in my dad’s arms as he drove tractor back and forth across the field.

I always hated living on a farm and wished I could be in town with all my friends. And even more than not wanting to live in the country, I hated working on the farm and doing chores. Now the place I want to be at and live is the farm and what I want to be doing is working on the farm and doing chores. There is just something wonderful about driving tractor or being in the fields late into the night and being all alone lighting up the darkness around you and seeing the darkness beyond your lights. I suppose the way I value parts of my life has changed as I’ve grown up.

Even though I grew up on a farm and have always been involved in agriculture I never expected that when I would be given the choice to write about whatever I wanted I would continue going back to this topic. I guess that goes to show how influential a persons childhood and family is in their entire life, for the rest of their lives.

Cars and anything else automotive is what I really like and this hobby is one of my primary interests. I love to talk about cars, work on them, and especially change the one I have, which includes buying and selling them. But, sometimes wanting to have different cars causes problems as I compulsively look for the next one and prepare to sell my current car.

Currently, I'm about to be without a car for the first time in over four years and I'm not looking forward to it. I don't like to rely on others when I need to go somewhere and I really like to drive and go places quite often so I'm expecting an uncomfortable transition. While I'm interested in selling my current car and getting something different, I didn't expect for someone to offer to buy it before I got the chance to buy something else first. Now I'm in a position and situation I haven't been in before, considering I usually own more than one car not less.

I'm interested to see what in my life changes in the time between selling one car and getting the next one, which hopefully isn't long. I understand I'm in college and in the middle of a city and I shouldn't need a car, but I'm already feeling very vulnerable just thinking about being car-less and not free to go where I want.

I'll try to look at this experience as an experiment to see how things change but I also hope I'll be back in another, different car very soon.

The most excited I have ever been to meet a celebrity was when I got a chance to meet the action sports star Travis Pastrana. This still holds true to this day despite getting to see one of the most famous Presidents of the United States that we've had, Barack Obama, on Saturday when he came to visit Minneapolis.

I thought that the more famous and well known a person is the more exciting it would be to see and meet them, but from my experience it now seems that the more interested you are in the actual person and what they do, the more fun it is. When I simply saw Travis Pastrana for the first time I got goose bumps and couldn't believe it was actually him. Then, to actually get his autograph and picture, talk to him, and even give him a hug was a true dream come true. I'd looked up to him since I was a little kid and have always wanted to be like him and do what he does.

While it was a thrill and honor to get to see the President and hear him speak, there is nothing like meeting someone you have looked up to and aspired to be like because of what they do. Maybe it has to do with how close to Travis Pastrana I was or that I got to talk with him one-on-one, but to this day there aren't many celebrities I'd like to meet more than him, even the President of the United States of America.

I just had the most expensive Halloween ever! Up until this weekend I have been lucky enough to never have my car towed before. Now, I too have had the joy of paying $250.10 to get my car taken away for a few hours and then given back to me so I can put it back in a very similar spot. I understand that what happened is nobody’s fault but my own (and the place that called the towing company, and the towing company, and the worker at the towing company, just kidding), but it would still be nice to have someone beside myself to blame.

One good thing about the whole situation was that I had someone to share it with. A best friend of mine also had his car towed at the same time. Now, in my opinion, this is a good thing since I had a person close to me going through the same process, but it wasn’t good for him. It was also my fault he was parked there since he was visiting me in the first place.

But, in the end, there was nothing I could do to change the situation, so I simply paid the fee, got my car back which I had borrowed from my parents, and continued on with my day. Luckily, the process was quite simple, since they just wanted their money, and I just wanted my car back. Hopefully I will never experience this situation again, but you don’t ever plan on your car getting towed so I’ll just try my best and watch for towing signs.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today and have a fever so just mustering up the energy and mental focus to write on my blog this evening is very impressive.

This is one of the first times I've believed in the theory that stress can make a person sick. I've been worried about the upcoming week and have been trying to stay on top of anything I need to take car of but that doesn't stop me from worrying and being quite stressed out lately.

Maybe, in actuality, the reason I'm sick isn't stress related but I guess that's not for me to know.

Despite the technical difficulties, and the fact that we didn't get to see everyones video projects, Thursday's class was very enjoyable. Even before I got to class and we began viewing our projects, I knew that everyone would have their own style and take on this project. As with our previous projects, each student seems to have went a completely different direction with their projects and even seem to have used different features of the program and "design" their footage in a different way, but all of the decisions that were made seem to be even more pronounced and amplified by using the video medium for our projects.

Seeing such unique and bold projects makes viewing and critiquing each others projects even easier and definitely more fun. I enjoyed Thursday's class and viewing the first of our classes projects, and I am looking forward to see the rest of them on Tuesday even more!

Well, Sunday, November 21st has come and gone, without me writing on my blog. Since this is the first time I've missed doing the blog on time, I will making a "poem" for the first time, about forgetting to do the blog...

I didn't really do anything on Sunday,
so, really, it was quite a fun day,
wait, you can't rhyme day with day,
well, too bad, because that's what I wanted to say!

During my relaxing afternoon,
I thought about doing the blog...but I didn't,
I decided I would wait until later that night,
Maybe I shouldn't have, because I forgot, which wasn't so bright!

Now I'm writing the blog late, hoping to redeem myself a bit,
Unfortunately, I doubt this blog entry will do it.

I'm back to the topic of farming once again this week. How can I resist, I was home for thanksgiving and there were lots of changes! Harvest is officially over on our farm and the pace has definitely changed. Despite still having cattle and milking cows, no longer having any other field work interrupting the day has really freed up a lot of time for my dad and my mom is back to just working her day job. Having not been back since the harvest was still in it's most intense period, it was nice to just talk, eat, and relax with my parents for a few days, and even milking cows and doing chores to give them a little bit of a break since there aren't many other people that know our operation well enough to fill in. All in all, it was a relaxing and satisfying weekend back home with my family.

Looking back on past blog entries and at the same time remembering what was going on during those times, I can clearly see a pattern emerging. Whether I wrote about it or not each week, the primary thoughts on my mind were about farming and being on the farm.

While I didn't always write about what I wanted to, farming what was truly on my mind. I attempted to talk about a of different topics just because talking about the same thing all the time is never very interesting. But, even when trying to mix up what I showed interest in, farming was what showed up in multiple entries. It's interesting to me considering that, as I have mentioned before, I was never interested in farming or even living on a farm.

I now know that despite the many interests I have accumulated over the years, I can never ignore or forget the connection that I have with my home and therefore with farming and my families occupation and business.

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