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This weekend I went home (I live pretty nearby)and it was a strange experience because it seemed like in just two weeks everything had changed. My room was barely recognizable after my mother cleaned it. The most peculiar thing about the experience was that it was the same place I'd lived for the past five years but it felt like a completely different place.

I've also decided to learn how to knit again in order to make an extra special present for my best friend's birthday but I doubt that I'll be finished in time. Hopefully he won't somehow stumble upon this online as that might ruin the surprise! Apart from that, my first week at the U was surprisingly normal.

So. This weekend I've basically been a total shut-in. I've barely left the dorm. I feel like this is probably pretty unhealthy but whatever.

Last night I watched 2 movies. The first one was "House", a horror about a group of 4 people who get stuck in this house with demons and a crazy guy trying to kill them. I've read the book and while it was definitely a thousand times better than the movie, the movie still had some creepy moments. The second movie I watched was A Clockwork Orange for the first time. It left me feeling really uncomfortable (not to mention my anger that it was basically aversion therapy against the song "Singin' in the Rain"). I didn't really know what to think of it except that I never wanted to meet people like that in real life. The only times I felt sorry for the narrator was when he got out of prison and everyone tried to punish him and he was essentially helpless. But I really feel like he never learned the difference between right and wrong. He still wanted to hurt and rape people, he just couldn't bring himself to do it out of a sense of self preservation. To me, that means that when he was released, he was just as sick as ever.

Hopefully I'll find time to watch The Prestige tonight. I really love that movie. Christopher Nolan is pretty brilliant in my opinion.

I went home again this weekend for my dad's birthday. I actually talked to my brother which is odd because normally he's a brat. Whilst talking to him, I discovered two things: he got arrested a couple weeks ago and he's a complete idiot. Apparently he and his friends were throwing marshmallows at people as they were driving and some guy called the cops on them and when the cops came my brother had the following conversation:
Brother: Are we being detained?
Cop: Yes.
Brother: Why are we being detained?
Cop: Attempted assault.
Brother: That's not a crime.
Cop: Stop asking questions.
Brother: Oh, sorry, I thought this was America.
At this point in the story, I basically wanted to punch him for being really ridiculous but managed to restrain myself.

I also got a great new sweater and some slippers this weekend, but that's not as fun of a story. That is all for this week.

So, overall, I feel like college is significantly easier than high school. However, one thing that's really stressing me out is the fact that all of my professors lump the big things all together. On Thursday, that art project was due; on Friday, I had my first college test in my biogeography class; on Tuesday, I'm going to have a test in my Journalism class; and on Wednesday, I have a paper due and a presentation to give in my class on pop culture. Seriously, do teachers just hang out and think of ways to torture kids? I'm not sure I'd believe them if they told me that wasn't the case.

Also, I'm pretty sure that my dorm is possessed and out to get me or something. In the past week I've had my finger slammed in a door, a door run over my foot, and the light in the hall outside my door flickering incessantly at night. It's not okay.

I know I probably won't get credit for this cause it's a day late, but I was really sick yesterday and slept through most of the day which is why I completely forgot to do a blog entry, so I apologize. Overall, last week was good up until the point where I got sick. I saw The Social Network on Saturday and I really liked it. I wish it hadn't been hyped up so much cause I had really high expectations and I feel like I would've liked it a lot more if I hadn't gone into it like that.

Oh, and I have more klutzy incidences that involve a nasty rugburn on one of my knees and tripping up like 4 stairs and hitting my leg so hard that it hurt to walk up stairs for like 3 days following the incident. Being sick has not helped my ability to walk without tripping.

So this week was fun. My boyfriend got bored and dyed the tips of my hair black and it actually doesn't look that bad (I hope). I also have had mac n cheese from Noodles twice this week which obviously would make any week good. I was pretty happy that people liked my project with the monkeys because I know that my previous project wasn't received very well. I guess I'm just not very artsy. My birthday is less than a month away! I'm pretty excited. This has been basically a random stream of thoughts. Probably the worst composed blog entry ever. And that's all for this week.

This week was pretty boring. Except that I actually saw 2 theater performances this week. One was at the U (Undiscovered Country) and the other was at the Orpheum (Rock of Ages). Both were good although I enjoyed Rock of Ages considerably more and I got a free fake lighter. All in all, it was pretty fun. I ate mac n cheese for like 7 meals this week. Super unhealthy. But totally worth it.

So. This week I went to 2 concerts, had 2 exams, had 2 essays to write, and went home for a bit and carved 2 pumpkins for my mom whose arm is hurt. All in all, it was a super duper busy week for me. I also somehow managed to find time to play "Mall of America Tycoon" and "Sims 3" with my boyfriend for hours. I didn't do anything interesting for Halloween except the concert. No dressing up happened. I wish I'd gotten some candy though.

I've been working pretty hard on my video this week so hopefully it turns out okay. I really hate not knowing how I did on tests so it's really killing me that I still don't know how I did on my Biogeography exam although I feel like I did really well. I'm shooting for 102%. Otherwise this week was super boring. I had little to no homework so I had lots of time to devote to my video. I think I did pretty well on my presentation on Joseph Cornell and I hope everyone in the class found him and his artwork as interesting as I do cause I think he's a really cool guy and his art is just amazing.

This weekend I went home again cause it was my birthday on Thursday (I turned 18. I know. I'm way too young. I get it.). I had a fun time. I got homemade mac n cheese and the best cake ever and a bunch of books. I always relish going home and having real food and being able to see my cats and dog. I am soooo excited for the Harry Potter movie to come out. I know that's kinda lame but I seriously can't wait. I'm re-reading the seventh book right now and I'm so pumped. Apart from that, nothing interesting is going on right now. That's all for this week.

Thanks, GiGi! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I really need to stop forgetting about blog entries until just immediately after the cutoff time.

Anyway, this week was awesome. Obviously because of Harry Potter! I loved the movie as I always do until I sit back and realize how much they took out of the story and then I wanna punch someone in the face. But I loved it anyway. Harry Potter is basically the best thing ever.

I'm also excited for going home for Thanksgiving. Something about being out of the house this much makes me really miss home. Even though I go home every two weeks or so. Maybe I'm just crazy.

My Thanksgiving was pretty good. I helped make almost all of the food (and it was a LOT of food) and it was really nice being home for so long. I'm really excited for Christmas break when I get to be home for a month although I think I might be going on vacation with my boyfriend's family for a week or so. I'm steadily working my way through knitting an entire blanket and am now about halfway done. I'm pumped for the semester to be over.

I am so pumped for the end of the semester. It's starting to feel really close and I can't wait to just go home. I really, really, really, really hate the dorms. They make me feel so depressed. I don't know what it is about them but it just feels yucky. This week I have one paper due, next week I have two more papers due and the video, and the week after that I have my only final. I'm feeling pretty confident about all of this. I can't wait to have almost a whole month off. It's like a shorter version of summer vacation.

Oh and we got filming done. It didn't take very long. We were working with excellent actors. The only issue that we had really was my having trouble getting to the location due to severe incompetence when it comes to the city bus system. I'm a failure at riding buses.

So. Right now I am so angry with myself for forgetting to do the blog entry. I actually had one of those cartoony moments where I smacked myself on the forehead and exclaimed, "Oh, crap!" when I realized I'd forgotten. Snow does that to me. Let's blame it on the snow.

Anyway, now comes the time when I must reflect on my past blog entries. I go home a lot, hate the dorms, talk about Brian frequently (although never by name until now it seems...), and talk about school a lot. I actually think there's some chance I might get a 4.0 my first semester in college which would be soooo legit. I think I must have been pretty homesick actually to have gone home so frequently and hated the dorms so much.

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