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Hi everyone!
My name is Sarah and this is my second year at college. I just recently moved into a new apartment on campus with a high school friend of mine and it's been a pretty neat experience so far (though, not quite as lively as my dorm at Middlebrook last year...which I suppose is a good thing). Both my roommate and I have never been exposed to cable television before and now I can understand why. Neither of us have been able to stop watching it.
Tonight, we've been watching the show Ghost Adventures. (Juvenile title...but so addicting) In the show, these three guys travel around to reported haunted places (abandoned hospitals, plantations, mental institutions, correctional facilities...etc.) and interview witnesses and psychics that have experienced paranormal activity there. After doing this, they then spend the night, locked up at that place and experience all sorts of crazy, creepy things. They also use these strange tools that detect activity and can translate energy waves into words.
I'm not so sure I believe in this sort of thing...but it genuinely has me creeped out a bit right now. So, maybe I'll be able to get all of my reading done tonight for my classes tomorrow that I've been putting off because of this show.

Last friday started out very normal and typical for me. I begrudgingly woke up early, got ready, ate a quick breakfast and rushed out to class with my roommate. History is the absolute worst class to have early in the morning, especially when one is lacking a sufficient amount of sleep. So, listening to the professor ramble on about science and whatnot and also taking notes was a very difficult process for myself. Luckily, the lecture only goes for about an hour and it finishes just in time for lunch. Immediately after the professor says his last few words, I scrambled to pick up all of my stuff and book it to Coffman Union before the Panda Express line gets excruciatingly long.
It looked like I had made it just in time, the line seemed tolerable, so I jumped right in. After getting my orange chicken panda bowl, I headed over to the cafeteria seating area where I found a nice place at the bar. I had just about finished my meal, when all of a sudden a felt a presence right behind me. I kind of looked to my side to see who it was and before I could get a real good look at the guy, he says to me, "Jesus, loves you", gives me a pat on the back and drops a hand-full of 20 dollar bills in front of me and then rushes off into the crowd.
I'm sitting there, completely confused just staring at the huge wad of cash that was just dumped in front of me...wondering if he had mistaken me for someone else or had maybe found the money lying somewhere nearby and thought it was mine? Either way, I immediately texted all of my friends and let them know about the bizarre occurrence that had just happened to me.
I counted the money, which totaled up to be 100 dollars. Even as I sit here right now, I still can't believe something like that happened to me.

Well, this weekend wasn't the most amazing one that I've had...but it was still decent. Friday, I went to a show at the Loft that was called "Good And Evil The Never Ending Saga" which was absolutely amazing! The music being played was primarily dark psytrance and dubstep--though, my friends and I stayed in the room with the psytrance all night. As usual, there were a lot of "interesting" people roaming around the place, but it was all good. The lights and decorating were impressive for what a small venue it was and there were even some artists making these really crazy-looking drawings on large canvases. Overall, it was a really successful and fun evening. And my friends and I got our psytrance fix for the week. :) The rest of the weekend just consisted of me working and not doing homework.

Anyways, none of is really applicable to any of what we talked about for the week, so here's something that is:

Last thursday, in our learning circle, I had mentioned how the Banksy article reminded me of another elusive graffiti artist named, Blu. In my opinion, Blu's work is absolutely amazing and inspiring. He's originally from Italy and has been doing graffiti artwork around the world since 1999. Not much else is really known about him...and it's maddening to even try and find a sliver of information about him on the web. He does have a website that I highly recommend you all check out when you have a moment:
You can view all of his drawings, wall drawings, and his amazing videos. One that I recommend is called "Muto" which can be viewed at: or you can go to his website and check under "videos". Enjoy! :)

So, really nothing too terribly interesting happened to me this week. Which is unfortunate, because that means I don't have anything too terribly interesting to say in this blog.
Though, this weekend I did watch something strange. I'm not usually one to watch anime because I have a big issue with how their mouths don't sync up to what they're saying. Anyways, my boyfriend, his roommate and I were bored so we watched this one called Elfen Lied. There were parts that I enjoyed (the gory, slash and dice parts), but there were also parts that had me awfully confused (some of the relationships between characters and a lot of the unnecessary nudity).
The series deals with the issues and interactions between humans and diclonius (mutant species similar to humans, but have two small horns on their head and also have "vectors", which are transparent arms that are telekinetically controlled to manipulate and cut objects within their reach). The thirteen episodes revolve around this diclonius girl, named Lucy, who was rejected by humans and in turn wants revenge. There's a bit more to it than that, but I don't want to ruin it if any of you decide to watch it. If you're at all interested, you can probably just google it and watch it for free online.

It's starting to get closer to that time for midterms my work load as really been piling up. Unfortunately, my family and I had to put our dog down on friday, which was a very difficult and heartbreaking process, so my level of motivation for getting work or anything done has been decreasing exponentially as of late.
Fortunately, I was able to scrounge up some ideas of mine and throw them together for the project that's due on thursday. I plan on shooting the pictures either tomorrow or tuesday.
There's really not much else for me to say I suppose...I enjoyed watching the movie on thursday--It was fun to see how parts of the film actually showed how the man filmed some of the movie. A lot of the images I found pretty captivating as well.

It was really exciting to get to see people's narrative projects on thursday. It was interesting how everyone had a different take on the story and to see how the artist intended it all to be. It has also been exciting to see how everyone's style varies so much as well as finally start to see how my own style is turning out to be. Now that I have been really thinking about it, whether it be in drawing, painting, sculpture or style seems to be pretty consistent. With that being said, I'm very anxious to see everyone's take on the next project.
And now for something completely different: This next week is going to be pretty exciting. On sunday, my boyfriend and I are going to see the Gorillaz at the Target Center (which should be amazing!). And on wednesday, a few friends and I are going to see Deadmau5 play at the Epic here in Minneapolis. It's been a while since I've been to a concert with a pretty popular artist playing, so I'm completely stoked to see how it all turns out. I'll have to let you all know how they go in my next blog.
Hope you all have a good weekend!

May be see you and Deadmau5 on Wednesday...... me and friends got tickets too. Ha!

@bart0704--I hope you had a great time at Deadmau5 like I did!

Both concerts were amazing! We had really awesome seats for the Gorillaz, though, we never really got to use them because everyone else was standing the entire time. It was still a really cool concert though.
Deadmau5 was at the Epic in Minneapolis and it usually would only fit about 3,000 people...but, for this concert, they fit in about 3,600 people. We were packed together like sardines and it didn't help that there were a bunch of drunk people as well, stumbling around with full drinks and dancing belligerently. The DJs that performed before Deadmau5 were pretty decent too. Deadmau5's performance was really a lot cooler than I had expected it to be. I was really a lot more impressed by his use of visuals versus his music (which was still pretty good too). He wears this huge mouse head that's plugged in, so that it can display a face that moves and he was also standing in the middle of this rubix cube thing, that also displayed some really awesome visuals. The use of lights for this show, were very entrancing and really helped further convey some of the emotions the artist was trying to shed upon the audience.

On a completely different note--I've really enjoyed the videos we've been watching in class. The movie "Wings of Desire" was a very interesting film. With the use of color/black & white and the use of sound that changes from the lives of the "angels" to the living and vise-versa.
I especially enjoyed watching the behind the scenes on the "Lord of the Rings". I never knew that so much went into sound production. There are so many little things that I never would have even thought, in some of the battle scenes and how the songs in the background had so much more meaning to them. I find all of this really inspiring and really makes me want to pursue a career in film.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have been having an awesome weekend celebrating, hopefully! Friday was the only day I was really able to celebrate. My boyfriend, his roommate and I all went to a show at the Holiday Inn in Burnsville; it was the Dubstep Zombie Prom. So, we all dressed up as zombies (blood dripping from eyes and mouths and all that jazz) and had a great time dancing to some awesome music. There weren't too many people there and we've definitely been to better shows before...but it was still a pretty good time.
The rest of this weekend has consisted of me studying my ass off, because my history professor was kind enough to schedule a midterm bright and early monday morning. So, we'll see how this goes.
Also, since I missed class last thursday, I was hoping that someone might be able to help me figure out Media Mill? I'd really appreciate it! :)

This next week is going to be extremely stressful...I have a project due every day of the week. This weekend has been completely dedicated to homework and this film project, so I haven't gotten much of a break. It would be so nice to get an extra week or something to work on this montage thing to really give it the attention it deserves.
I've had some real difficulty trying to shoot some of the footage...I've definitely discovered that I am by no means a film director or ever will be. (I've also discovered that filming bacon cooking is a dangerous business.) I wrote out how I wanted the shots to go, and had a very clear image of what I wanted this all to look like, and it's not very close at all. Which sucks, but oh well. I guess we'll have to see how things turn out when I attempt to edit everything.
I'm excited to see what everyone else has come up with on thursday!

Well, I survived the week from hell! All of the projects and papers were turned in on time, so I'm feelin' pretty great.

It was really fun to watch some of the montages on thursday and see everyone's filming and editing style. The music choices were very interesting as well. It's all making me really excited to see what everyone is going to come up with for the final project!

As for this weekend, it was completely chaotic. My brother is involved in theater and his high school was putting on the show "West Side Story". He played Diesel (one of the Jets), so that was neat to see him perform. So we went and watched that friday and saturday night. Half of my mom's side of the family came up from Iowa and Wisconsin to watch it as well (Grandma, Grandpa, two aunts, two uncles and six cousins). The house was pretty full to say the least. My boyfriend also make the journey, through the awful weather on saturday, from Wisconsin to come spend some time with my crazy family and I. So, this weekend wasn't much of a break from the stressfulness of last week, however; I would much prefer having little cousins jumping on me and making me do "fashion shows" with them than having to do a multitude of projects and papers.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

Ugh...if it weren't for this lame oceanography quiz today, I would have been able to go see Harry Potter last night. It seems like everyone's status on facebook is mentioning something about how amazing it was. I'm definitely going this weekend though...maybe even tonight. I can't believe it's almost over :( What will we have to look forward to now?
I don't have too much else to say here, except for how excited I am for this weekend and for Thanksgiving break-which is coming up relatively fast!
I've been watching a lot of Iron Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo lately, which has unfortunately been making me crave sugar. So, this weekend, my boyfriend and I are going on a baking frenzy and are going to make massive amounts of cookies, cupcakes and such.
Anyways, that's all for now I think :)

It was so great to get a short break for Thanksgiving. However, it's left me anxiously awaiting Xmas break even more so now. Thanksgiving consisted of the usual this year: excessive cooking, baking, eating and sleeping--which was wonderful. :)
It has always been tradition for my friends and I to go Black Friday shopping (in ghetto jumpsuits) as well. Around midnight, we all met up at my friend's house to listen to music and goof around until three o'clock rolled around (when some stores open). We then jumped into our vehicles, cranked the heat, and drove to the mall. Unfortunately, we had forgotten that one of the stores didn't open until 4am, so we stood there in the entry way amongst numerous other Black Friday-ers, and stared down a store manager until she took pity on us and opened the store twenty minutes early.
We waited our turn to pass through the door to avoid being trampled by the sleep-deprived shoppers. Eventually we got through and received our complimentary "Black Friday mini snow globe" and then proceeded to venture around the department store and observe the chaos that is Black Friday. None of us had much money to spend, so we just decided to wander around the mall and people-watch (which is much more entertaining).
Afterwards, we all parted ways and went back to our houses to take naps.

It has been years since I've been to Underwater World. My Oceanography class requires us to go explore it though (and fill out a packet). So, today I decided I would go. It was kind of exciting going through and seeing all of the marine life they have there. The koi fish were the first thing I saw (they're much bigger than I thought)--people were feeding them small pellets that created a frenzy amongst the fish. I moved on to see some of the snapping turtles they had, as well as some other marine critters.
It then came close to the part where we had to travel through the tunnels they have there, where large fish, sharks, rays and turtles can swim above and around you. I was a little nervous to enter. I began thinking...what if the glass developed a crack in it? And then the glass broke? We'd all be screwed. There would be slippery, scaly, fishy things falling on me. Not okay.
I got over my stupid fear quick though, and it became enjoyable to see these large fish swimming over my head. I proceeded to walk through and answer the rest of the questions in my oceanography packet without getting nervous about the glass cracking and drowning everyone.

Well, here goes for my last blog entry--

For all of my blogs, I wasn't entirely sure as to what I was supposed to be writing about. So, more often than not, I ended up just writing about my weekend and if anything interesting had happened. I feel like I lead a pretty mundane lifestyle, but looking back on these entries I've noticed that I wrote about something different every week--especially the story about the guy giving me $100 cash.
I've never had to keep a blog before, so this was something new for me. It was surprising to me that I was able to come up with something fairly interesting to write about every week. Every time I wrote something, I tried to think about how I could enhance something ordinary that happened to me over the week to make it sound intriguing to make them want to read more into what I was trying to say.

Through the discussions, lectures, interactions and projects that we've done in this course, I believe I've learned a lot more about myself as an artist. This course has also helped me greatly develop and refine some of my story-telling abilities. If it weren't for this course, I don't think I would have known much about the Spark Festival--which helped make me aware of all the really cool art stuff happening in our communities. I've really enjoyed learning about how to use Photoshop and Finalcut (I've never had the opportunity to use those programs before) and how to create a different kind of artwork (one that doesn't require paper and a pencil). This course has also granted me the opportunity to get to know some really awesome people who I have learned a great deal from. :)

Thank you so much GiGi for the opportunities!

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