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hey guys, i'm zoe, i come from China and my Chinese name is Cheng Xu, it's fine to call me zoe. I don't know what should i write here, and i think i should introduce myself first.
I have been here for half year, i'm a non-degree student who is planning to transfer. I love the life in the U of M, it makes me feel freedom and busy, it's a kind of to make yourself become useful. My major in my country is Digital Media Arts, actually i'm a junior. I'm going to study Computer sciense at the U of M, it's a challenge for me because i really don't like math and physics even though i studied the science and engineering department in high school.
After my graduate from the U, I planning to aply a graduate school in California and continue my digital media study. When i finish that i want to find a job there, work for couple years then go back to China with my work experiences in Unite States.
My Enlish Grammer is one of my weakness, the other one is vocabulary. I can't get the whole thing what GIGI told us during class, I'm trying my best to do better. I love Digital media so much, i wish i could do better in this area and i can totally understand the words GIGI say to us. I might a little quiet during classes, i do have a lot words to speak out but sometime i do not understand what's going on, and i should say. My Enlish is still developing. I will try my best to come up with you.
Anyway i'm glad to meet you guys, and i hope we will work together in a happy ways.

Sounds like an awesome plan zoe, California has way better weather then Minnesota haha

Yo Zoe what room do you stay in Comstock?

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