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Visual Perception as a Process of the Mind!

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Here is a fantastic article about how our "brains decide what we see":


And for more of Kokichi Sugihara's mind-bending videos:


Assignment #1


Please visit the Katherine E. Nash Gallery exhibit, NAGAS: North American Graduate Art Survey, and pick one work of art from the show to which you felt a strong connection. Write a 2-3 paragraph response to the work and post it as a comment on the main blog page beneath this entry. In your response, describe the piece you chose and the connection you felt to it. Then answer these 3 questions:

  1. Is there a story and, if so, whose story is it?

  2. Whose point of view is being expressed in this piece?

  3. What do you feel is the "truth" of this piece?

Please post your entry by midnight, Sunday Jan 30. This Assignment is in addition to your weekly journal entry, which is also due at that time. Late assignments and journal entries will not be given credit.

For information on the Nash Gallery and this event:


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Entry #1: Week of Jan 24


Please write at least one paragraph on the following topic and post it as a comment to this entry by midnight, Sunday Jan 30:

Think back through your childhood to a time when you used your imagination to create something that was particularly memorable for you. Describe what you made, and talk about why it was so meaningful for you.

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