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Assignment #2

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This assignment is due by the start of class on Wed March 2.

Using a video camera, please record examples of the following items to either miniDV tape or SD card (we will be learning how to log and capture/transfer footage on Mon Feb 28). You can incorporate more than one item per shot if you wish.

High angle
Low angle
Neutral (eye-level) angle
Birds-eye view angle
dutch (oblique) angle

Plus examples of 10 (ten) items chosen from the following elements of composition list:
line, shape, texture, pattern, size, perspective, positive/negative space, balance, harmony, rule of thirds, rule of diagonals, convergence, depth of field, high/low contrast (black and white), color

Entry #4: Week of Feb 21


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb. 27.

Please do a quick review of "Man With a Movie Camera" (click on link below) and find an image that you feel is particularly effective, powerful, and/or compelling. Then in a 1-2 paragraph response, state the proximity and angle of the image, and describe at least three elements of composition that have been used by the cinematographer, and the ways in which these elements work to make the image attractive and/or meaningful. Make sure you begin your entry with the exact time of the frame you've chosen from the film.

Proximities: XLS (extreme long shot), LS, MLS, MS, MCU, CU, ECU
Angles: high, low, neutral (eye-level), birds-eye view, dutch (oblique)
Elements of composition: line, shape, texture, pattern, size, perspective, positive/negative space, balance, harmony, rule of thirds, rule of diagonals, convergence, depth of field, high/low contrast

Link to an online copy of the film (click on play button in middle of small screen):


Special Screening at the Walker for all 1601 Students

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There is a special screening of avant-garde and experimental films at the Walker Art Center that has been arranged for the students in all sections of the 1601 course. The screening will be held on Wed. Feb. 23 at 6:15pm in the Walker Auditorium. Following is the program line-up of films for the evening:

Program 1 - 48 Minutes
• Zecca, Ferdinand -- El Espectro Rojo, 1907 -- 7 min
• Cornell, Joseph -- The Midnight Party, 1940 -- 4 min
• Eames, Charles and Ray -- Powers of Ten, 1968-1977 -- 8 min
• Conner, Bruce -- A Movie, 1958 -- 12 min, and Ten Second Film, 1965 -- 10 sec
• Brakhage, Stan -- Mothlight, 1963 -- 4 min
• Mouris, Frank and Caroline -- Frank's Film, 1973 -- 13 min

< Intermission >

Program 2 - 47 min
• Kentridge, William -- Johannesburg, 1991 -- 25 min
• Whitney, John -- Lapsis, 1963-1966 -- 10 min
• Sharits, Paul -- T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G., 1968 -- 12 min

< Intermission >

Program 3 - 46 min
• Klein, William -- Broadway by Light, 1958 -- 12 min
• Broodthaers, Marcel -- La Pluie (Project pour un texte), 1969 3 min
• Holzer, Jenny -- Art Breaks, 1991 -- 5 min
• Benning, Sadie -- Jollies, 1990 -- 11min
• Pennell, Miranda --Drum Room, 2007 - 15 min

Entry #3: Week of Feb 7


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb. 13.

As you read this week's article by Turvey, consider the ways in which we have incorporated cameras into our everyday lives -- so much so, that we take them completely for granted. As Dziga Vertov was fascinated with the ways in which the camera could "see" that the human eye cannot, consider how technology has increased the camera's "superiority" to the human eye. In a 1-2 paragraph response, please discuss how you have experienced this in your own life.

Arts & Culture Events on Twin Cities Campus

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Here is a great resource for discovering events/lectures/exhibitions happening on campus:


Check it out!

Visiting Artists at UMN Department of Art

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The University of Minnesota Visiting Artist/Critique Program is please to announce the schedule for spring 2011:

  • Thursday, February 10th at 7pm: Olga Viso, Director of the Walker Art Center -- "Interdisciplinary Experimentation at the Walker"
  • Wednesday, February 16th at 7pm: Painter Thomas Berding -- Discussion on his work and working in a contemporary sphere
  • Thursday, March 24th at 7pm: Kangwon Lee, International Fellow in the Department of Art -- "Building-Visual Space"
  • Thursday, April 21st at 7pm: Multi-media Artist Erin Cosgrove

Unless otherwise noted, all lectures are held in the In-Flux space, room E110, Regis Center for Art. All events are free and open to the public.

Please check out the Art Department website for more detailed information:

Entry #2: Week of Jan 31


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb 6.

The following video is called art is: Speaking Portraits by George Quasha, and features 44 artists discussing art from their perspective. Please watch at least 10 of the artists (in any order) for inspiration. Then, from your own point of view, write a 1-2 paragraph response (and post it as a comment to this entry) that begins:

Art is ...

art is [Vol. II] from George Quasha on Vimeo.

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