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Assignment #4


Please read this entry carefully: This assignment is worth 5 points and will be due by midnight, May 1.

Please visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art exhibit Facing the Lens: Portraits of Photographers ( and do TWO things:

1) Choose one photograph from the show to which you feel a strong connection or have a strong response. Describe the photo (including the title and artist) and explain your connection/response to it in a comment to this entry.

2) Participate in the Exhibition: (

Upload your self-portrait to the MIA's Facing the Lens: Portraits of Photographers group on Flickr. All photographs in the pool will be shown on a screen in the Harrison Photography Gallery for the duration of the show. The MIA requests that you include your name, title of photo, and the date the photo was taken (this information is added to the photo from your Flickr page). Once you have added your photo, please post a link to the Flickr page of your photo (under "Share This" option near the top left of page, choose "Grab the Link") as a comment to this entry.

Both parts of this assignment need to be completed by the deadline to receive points.

Entry #6: Week of March 21


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday March 27.

Everyday events are often so ordinary that they fail to register in our memories. How many times have you realized that you can't remember what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner on Wednesday, or what shoes/pants/shirt you wore on Tuesday? But sometimes when something happens that is extraordinary, whatever ordinary thing we were doing becomes cemented in our memories. I'll bet you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard the news of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, no matter how mundane (I was listening to my clock radio, just waking up).

So, think back through your history to a time when an everyday event you were engaged in turned into something quite extraordinary for you personally (please don't use 9/11 as an example here) and in a 1-2 paragraph response, describe what ordinary thing you were doing, what happened to turn the event into something remarkable, and talk about what sights and sounds you especially remember.

Please post your response as a comment to this entry!

Entry #5: Week of Feb 28


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday March 6.

One of my fondest memories in the world is the sound of the front door at a house where I lived many years ago. We often relate our memories to images and smells, but sounds can also be powerful experiences for us. In a 1-2 paragraph response, please answer the following questions: What is one of your favorite sounds in the world? What is one of your least favorite sounds? What images, feelings, memories do these sounds conjure up for you?

AND ... what one sound would you love to hear more than anything else but -- for whatever reason -- is not possible for you to experience?

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