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This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday April 17.

Looking forward to our animation demo on Monday, for this week's entry, please describe in detail your favorite animated character: is it human or other, male or female, type of clothing, facial features, idiosyncratic behaviors (e.g., a funny walk, a lisp, etc), style in which the character is drawn. Then talk about your earliest memories of discovering this character, and what attracts you to him/her. What is his/her main conflict? What is so funny about him/her? Does s/he remind you of someone (perhaps yourself)?


My favorite animated characters came as a hilarious duo. Tom and Jerry were both male animals. One a cat, the other a mouse. Extremely predictable conflict and consequences between the two characters occurred on every episode. However, the conflict both characters ran into was very funny to watch. I remember watching Tom and Jerry for hours as a little kid. When there are re-runs of the show on T.V. I always take the time to watch them because I still find them entertaining.
Tom looked was a scraggly cat like the one you would find walking around outside with no home. Jerry, on the other hand, was this tiny little mouse who was as cute as ever. Neither of them wore clothing in most episodes.
Tom and Jerry were always playing tricks and pranks on each other. They would set up various tasks for the other to go through, that was very funny to watch. Their characters were drawn in a traditional style of cartoon, with bright colors and heavy outlines.
The Tom and Jerry episodes remind me of how my brothers and I used to act towards each other. We all were constantly pulling pranks and setting up various tasks for each other to run into. With brothers it is kind of hard to sit down and play doll house, so I, being the only girl, learned very quickly how to keep up with the rest of them. I am now the ultimate prankster at my house, and I am very proud of that!

One of my absolute favorite animated characters is Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo is a male K9 that wears only a turquoise dog collar. He has a very expressive face that is usually wearing an impish grin or a look of terror. Scooby-Doo is a talking dog, but every word he says begins with an "R." For example, ruh-roh instead of uh-oh. Scooby is drawn in a "limited" or "planned" animation process, very traditional.
There are so many memories involving Scooby-Doo, that it's hard to separate them all. Just last weekend, I was home watching a Scooby-Doo video with my younger brother. What initially attracted me to this cartoon and continually attracts me to it is the somewhat predictable mystery involved. Although I can usually predict who's going to be unmasked, this cartoon has never failed to keep my attention. Scooby's main conflict is an internal conflict. In every episode he has to find the courage to unmask the villain, always disguised as some sort of ghost, ghoul, or other scary figure.
I'm amused by Scooby's constant hunger. When he should be hunting for the villain, he decides that it's too scary and hunts for a sandwich instead. In almost every episode, his stomach ends up leading him to the bad guy anyway.

I really like the characters from the Pixar animated short "Night & Day". The characters interact on a black background, but within the borders of the characters, various characteristic 'night' and 'day' scenes play out. The characters aren't human and aren't gendered as far as the viewer can tell.

What makes these characters compelling is the way that the animators are able to convey many emotions--kinship, alienation, happiness, sadness etc.--without the use of dialog or text. Through simple facial expressions and body language, the characters convey a short but impactful story of friendship. The 'night' and 'day' scenes are also used to good effect.

My favorite animated character is Dory from Finding Nemo. Although this is a newer movie and not from my childhood, it is one that makes me feel like a little kid and makes me feel good. Dory is a Blue Tang (aka Dory Fish) living in the ocean and suffers from short-term memory loss. She is blue and yellow and has a huge mouth with a loud voice and personality. Her mannerisms and the way she interacts with the other fish and ocean creatures are entertaining and comical.

When I first saw the movie, I couldn’t stop laughing at the jokes and phrases that would come out of her mouth. On top of that, she would forget things she said or did just a few minutes prior. The animators did a great job giving her a personality that everyone would love and be able to connect to in some way, shape or form. As the movie goes on, she fights with her short-term memory loss and is determined to remember an address by repeating it over and over again. By the end of the movie she ends up remembering the address and is extremely proud of herself.

Dory’s personality reminds me somewhat of myself and of my mom. There have been many conversations that my mom will not remember having with me or vice versa. I like Dory’s character because she is such a free spirit and doesn’t care what anyone thinks and is all about having fun.

Spongebob Squarepants is my favorite animated character. I remember watching him on Nickelodeon as a kid, when I was 12. He's a male, with a square body, googly eyes, and a big smile. His most noticeable idiosyncratic behavior has to be his goofy smile -- which is how I remember him best and why I am attracted to him.
The most memorable things about Spongebob is the fact that he always has bad luck. In some ways, this reminds me of myself. Little things always go wrong for Spongebob ... which makes so show so funny. I can relate to these episodes, like how I had a flat tire last week and then locked my keys in my car. Overall, I like Spongebob because he is a funny yet vulnerable character, who always provides a good laugh.

The character I choose is Doug from either Nickolodeon or Disney, not really sure which, nor does it matter all that much. He always wore the same clothes, brown shorts, white t shirt and green sweater vest I believe. I choose this character because it reminds me of myself a lot. He is always thinking of random situations involving himself and his friends / "love interest" His conflict was always one other kid named Roger otherwise it was just a fictitious enemy he makes up inside his own head. Other than the situations he imagines, he is just a normal kid like anyone else, which makes it very relate able to anyone.

The character that I chose is Homer Simpson. And of course he is very famous for his look. He is bright yellow, only has two strands of hair on his head, and is overweight. He usually wears a white short sleeved collared shirt, with a pair of blue pants, and black shoes. He is always getting into situations of painful physical comedy, his signature catch phrase is "d'oh", and he seems to have a never ending appetite.
I like Homer for all of his character defects. In fact one might say that he nothing but character defects. I like him because not only is he imperfect, he is the furthest thing from perfect. He is the seven cardinal put together. He is slothful, gluttonous, angry, and all of the rest. While he doesn't remind me of anyone in specific I would like to meet someone like him, someone with limited intelligence, many defects, but some how able to live a perfectly wonderful life with that.
His main conflict is trying to live with a crazy family, in a crazy town, filled with crazy people. He tries to make from day to day facing problems that run from the common like financial problems, to the uncommon like being abducted by aliens.

One of my favorite animated character is “Ia cu so”. I am not sure if that’s how it spells. Ia cu so is a little but very smart monk. He has a circle head and ball. He is well known by the village he lives as a problem solver. When I was little, I used to watch it a lot. It was one of my favorite shows. Ia cu son was funny and claver. He helps people in the village solve different unexpected problems in a mental way.

One of my favorite animated characters is Baloo the bear from the movie "The Jungle Book." His character also appeared in the animated TV series "Tailspin" in the early 1990s. I was always drawn to Baloo's fun-loving nature and laid-back attitude about everything. He always tried to have fun and make other characters forget their responsibilities and troubles. Even though he was a bit of a mischief maker, he was one of the most loyal characters. He would do anything for his best friends and was always looking out for them.
Baloo was a bear, yet he always had a very human quality to him. I realized this years later when I became good friends with someone who reminded me exactly of Baloo. My friend was not the most responsible person, but he had the exact same fun-loving nature, heart of gold, and bellowing voice just like Baloo. At first glance he might have appeared intimidating to some, but like Baloo, he was a faithful friend.
What I like about animation is that they allow us to highlight human qualities to a degree that would be unnatural in a human actor. I don't think that the Baloo's character would have been as successful if he had been depicted as a human.

My favorite animated character is Wall-E. He is an old-fashioned robot designed to clean up a waste-covered Earth far in the future. He is depicted more realistically than human characters in the movie because he is more human than actual people. He has a small compactor box with treads, shovel hands with three fingers, and round two eyes reminding me of E.T. And he likes to collect trash left on Earth and watch classic romance film. I like his originality, sincerity, and innocence. He is very curious, lonely, and kind-hearted. He believes true love and dedicates himself to his love when he finds one. Even when his lover, EVE, goes into standby mode and never responds to him, he takes care of her and tries to make her happy. Also he never neglects his duty as a cleaning robot even after all the people left Earth to escape from all the garbages and pollutions they had made. When people destroy Earth and simply leave there, it is him who takes care of their problems left behind. Even though he is kind of clumsy, he always endeavors to pursue what he believes to be right. His effort and sincerity are unforgettable just like his other characteristics.

My favorite animated character(s) were from Lion King. I remember when the movie came out and my mom bought it on VHS the day it was released and my brother and I would watch it every single day after school. The characters are all animals, lions, birds, a meerkat, warthog, etc. All of the animals had such strong personalities, especially Timon. He was my favorite because I loved his personality and humor so much that I didn't really care that I didn't know what kind of animal he was until I was a little older. He is a meerkat, which is almost like a rodent. The whole movie has a wide variety of animals in it, and all can easily be recognized, yet Timon was a mystery to me for a while. This was probably due to the fact that I was 6 at the time and didn't know what a meerkat was... but still, looking back Timon is a little funny looking but it doesn't matter because his character and relationships are so entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

One of my favorite animated characters is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! He is a male tiger that bounces around on his tale and always seems so happy. His personality is so up-beat and he has a really funny laugh that will always cheer you up or make you laugh as well.
Tigger seems confused at times and tends to lose things quite often. He is always looking for something or trying to help others in some way, even if he ends up causing more problems in the long run, he was only trying to help.
I loved Winnie the Pooh growing up, but Tigger was always my favorite. I loved his bright orange color and he was such a funny character that brought laughter out in people. Growing up, I wanted to be just like Tigger; funny, cheerful, happy and very "bouncy" or active, who wouldn't want to be like that?!

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