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• Make sure your camera source (if you are not using the computer's built-in camera) is plugged in to the computer either via USB or Firewire cable, and that the camera is turned on.

• Launch the Stopmotion application.

• Click the button next to "1. sources" (it will light up then immediately go out again).

• Click the top pulldown menu next to "2." and choose your input source. Leave the bottom pulldown menu as it is.

• Click the red button beneath "3. open/close" and it will light up in a moment.

• Click the menu button that says "settings" underneath the small black box.

• Now a large menu box will open. Leave all settings as they are, but on the far right side of the "Compression" tab, you'll see two small preview windows. The top window should show your source video (the camera view). From the pulldown menu next to the word "preview," choose "compressed" and you will now see the same image in the top and bottom windows. Click "ok" to close the box.

• Click the green button next to "4. start." The button will light up, and you will see the camera view in the top "input" window.

• Click the button and the box next to "6." and you will then use the spacebar to record a frame.

• To re-record or advance/move backward, press 'S' to move forward frame-by-frame. To move back, press 'A' until you get to the frame you want. Hit the spacebar to record that frame again. You can do this for multiple frames if necessary.

• To view what you have recorded, click on the "play frame" box next to "7." The small yellow arrow in the box lights up. Press 'F' to move forward and 'D' to move back. You will see your recorded frames in the bottom "output" window.

• At some point, you should save your work. In the "saving /recalling" box, click the "save" button and choose a name and location for your file. It will have the extension ".json." If you need to leave your project unfinished, you can come back to it later by opening Stopmotion and clicking the "load" button, then choose your project file.

• When you have finished your project, you can easily make a QuickTime movie by choosing the settings in the bottom box called "export QuickTime movie" and clicking the "export" button and saving your project.

• If you want to record more or less than the default 250 frames, you can change that setting at the top while you are creating your animation. If you don't change it, then when you export you will get a QuickTime movie that is 250 frames, regardless of how many you have recorded.

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