Opportunity for Extra Credit: Minneapolis/St. Paul Int'l Film Festival

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The Mpls/StPaul Int'l Film Fest is upon us again, check out the amazing line-up of films and events!
** Please note that the MSPIFF website has been down lately, so you may not be able to get info on the site. You can either download this very detailed pdf or call (612) 331-7563:

There are two events happening that have a tie to this course, and your attendance at either of them can earn you FIVE extra credit points for attending. The first event is the Experimental Film Program, in which there will be a screening of "an excellent cross-section of some of the best avant-garde filmmaking today." A post-screening panel discussion will follow; one of the panelists will be award-winning filmmaker and UMN Professor Hisham Bizri (a personal mentor and incredible cinema artist). This event takes place Friday April 29, 2011 at 7pm at St. Anthony Main Theater, 125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis, 55414. For more information, download this doc:
Experimental Film Program Press Release.doc

The second event is "How To Make My Movie: The MN Filmmaking Scene," a panel discussion with local professionals in the film industry who will address what it takes to make and finance a film in Minnesota. This event takes place on Saturday, April 30 at 4:30 PM, St. Anthony Main Theater. For more info, download this doc:
2011 Film Fest MN Film Panel.doc

TO RECEIVE FULL EXTRA CREDIT POINTS (it's all or nothing): In addition to attending, you must write a one page paper (300-400 words, double-spaced) answering in detail the following questions:
1) What was the most useful thing you gained from attending this event?
2) In what way(s) will this experience change how you approach producing and/or viewing films and videos?
3) What question did you ask the panel? What was the response and were you satisfied? (this requires that you ask a question of the panel -- keep in mind, I plan to attend both events).

Hand-in the hard copy of your paper by Wed May 4 in order to receive your extra credit points.

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