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Assignment #4


Please read this entry carefully: This assignment is worth 5 points and will be due by midnight, May 1.

Please visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art exhibit Facing the Lens: Portraits of Photographers ( and do TWO things:

1) Choose one photograph from the show to which you feel a strong connection or have a strong response. Describe the photo (including the title and artist) and explain your connection/response to it in a comment to this entry.

2) Participate in the Exhibition: (

Upload your self-portrait to the MIA's Facing the Lens: Portraits of Photographers group on Flickr. All photographs in the pool will be shown on a screen in the Harrison Photography Gallery for the duration of the show. The MIA requests that you include your name, title of photo, and the date the photo was taken (this information is added to the photo from your Flickr page). Once you have added your photo, please post a link to the Flickr page of your photo (under "Share This" option near the top left of page, choose "Grab the Link") as a comment to this entry.

Both parts of this assignment need to be completed by the deadline to receive points.

Assignment #2

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This assignment is due by the start of class on Wed March 2.

Using a video camera, please record examples of the following items to either miniDV tape or SD card (we will be learning how to log and capture/transfer footage on Mon Feb 28). You can incorporate more than one item per shot if you wish.

High angle
Low angle
Neutral (eye-level) angle
Birds-eye view angle
dutch (oblique) angle

Plus examples of 10 (ten) items chosen from the following elements of composition list:
line, shape, texture, pattern, size, perspective, positive/negative space, balance, harmony, rule of thirds, rule of diagonals, convergence, depth of field, high/low contrast (black and white), color

Assignment #1


Please visit the Katherine E. Nash Gallery exhibit, NAGAS: North American Graduate Art Survey, and pick one work of art from the show to which you felt a strong connection. Write a 2-3 paragraph response to the work and post it as a comment on the main blog page beneath this entry. In your response, describe the piece you chose and the connection you felt to it. Then answer these 3 questions:

  1. Is there a story and, if so, whose story is it?

  2. Whose point of view is being expressed in this piece?

  3. What do you feel is the "truth" of this piece?

Please post your entry by midnight, Sunday Jan 30. This Assignment is in addition to your weekly journal entry, which is also due at that time. Late assignments and journal entries will not be given credit.

For information on the Nash Gallery and this event:

(Note: click on the "Assignment #1" heading to leave a comment.)

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