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Entry #10: Week of April 25


This journal entry is due by 11:59pm, Monday May 2.

This week's blog entry requires a review of your past entries over the course of this semester. Please re-read your entries, and pick one sentence you have written that stands out for you as something you would not have expressed before you took this course. In your response, please copy the sentence, and in a 1-2 paragraph response, discuss the ways in which that sentence represents something in your own point of view that has changed since the beginning of this semester.

Entry #9: Week of April 18


This journal entry is due by midnight, Monday April 25.

This week's entry will consider the use of animation in the film Run Lola Run. In the film, each of the three segments contains an animated scene depicting Lola running down the stairs. But in each segment, the scene changes slightly. From your point of view, why do you think the filmmakers chose to animate this particular scene at those particular moments in the film? Consider what the process of animation might have allowed that shooting the scene with actual actors in the actual location might not have allowed? What does a switch to animation communicate to you? In what ways do you think the animation was or was not effective?

Entry #8: Week of April 11


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday April 17.

Looking forward to our animation demo on Monday, for this week's entry, please describe in detail your favorite animated character: is it human or other, male or female, type of clothing, facial features, idiosyncratic behaviors (e.g., a funny walk, a lisp, etc), style in which the character is drawn. Then talk about your earliest memories of discovering this character, and what attracts you to him/her. What is his/her main conflict? What is so funny about him/her? Does s/he remind you of someone (perhaps yourself)?

Entry #7: Week of April 4


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday April 10.

Please visit the Katherine E. Nash Gallery exhibit, Everybody is an Astronaut -- MFA Thesis Exhibition, and pick one work of art from the show to which you felt a strong connection. Write a 2-3 paragraph response to the work and post it as a comment on the main blog page beneath this entry. In your response, describe the piece you chose and the connection you felt to it. Then answer the following questions:

1. What is the main metaphor of the piece?
2. What elements work effectively to make the piece visually and/or narratively compelling?
3. What elements work against the piece and what suggestion(s) might you have for the artist?

For information on the Nash Gallery and this event:

Entry #6: Week of March 21


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday March 27.

Everyday events are often so ordinary that they fail to register in our memories. How many times have you realized that you can't remember what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner on Wednesday, or what shoes/pants/shirt you wore on Tuesday? But sometimes when something happens that is extraordinary, whatever ordinary thing we were doing becomes cemented in our memories. I'll bet you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard the news of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, no matter how mundane (I was listening to my clock radio, just waking up).

So, think back through your history to a time when an everyday event you were engaged in turned into something quite extraordinary for you personally (please don't use 9/11 as an example here) and in a 1-2 paragraph response, describe what ordinary thing you were doing, what happened to turn the event into something remarkable, and talk about what sights and sounds you especially remember.

Please post your response as a comment to this entry!

Entry #5: Week of Feb 28


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday March 6.

One of my fondest memories in the world is the sound of the front door at a house where I lived many years ago. We often relate our memories to images and smells, but sounds can also be powerful experiences for us. In a 1-2 paragraph response, please answer the following questions: What is one of your favorite sounds in the world? What is one of your least favorite sounds? What images, feelings, memories do these sounds conjure up for you?

AND ... what one sound would you love to hear more than anything else but -- for whatever reason -- is not possible for you to experience?

Entry #4: Week of Feb 21


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb. 27.

Please do a quick review of "Man With a Movie Camera" (click on link below) and find an image that you feel is particularly effective, powerful, and/or compelling. Then in a 1-2 paragraph response, state the proximity and angle of the image, and describe at least three elements of composition that have been used by the cinematographer, and the ways in which these elements work to make the image attractive and/or meaningful. Make sure you begin your entry with the exact time of the frame you've chosen from the film.

Proximities: XLS (extreme long shot), LS, MLS, MS, MCU, CU, ECU
Angles: high, low, neutral (eye-level), birds-eye view, dutch (oblique)
Elements of composition: line, shape, texture, pattern, size, perspective, positive/negative space, balance, harmony, rule of thirds, rule of diagonals, convergence, depth of field, high/low contrast

Link to an online copy of the film (click on play button in middle of small screen):

Entry #3: Week of Feb 7


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb. 13.

As you read this week's article by Turvey, consider the ways in which we have incorporated cameras into our everyday lives -- so much so, that we take them completely for granted. As Dziga Vertov was fascinated with the ways in which the camera could "see" that the human eye cannot, consider how technology has increased the camera's "superiority" to the human eye. In a 1-2 paragraph response, please discuss how you have experienced this in your own life.

Entry #2: Week of Jan 31


This journal entry is due by midnight, Sunday Feb 6.

The following video is called art is: Speaking Portraits by George Quasha, and features 44 artists discussing art from their perspective. Please watch at least 10 of the artists (in any order) for inspiration. Then, from your own point of view, write a 1-2 paragraph response (and post it as a comment to this entry) that begins:

Art is ...

art is [Vol. II] from George Quasha on Vimeo.

Entry #1: Week of Jan 24


Please write at least one paragraph on the following topic and post it as a comment to this entry by midnight, Sunday Jan 30:

Think back through your childhood to a time when you used your imagination to create something that was particularly memorable for you. Describe what you made, and talk about why it was so meaningful for you.

(Note: click on the "Week 1: Jan 24/26" heading to leave a comment.)

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