Hypnosis IS a conscious state

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Hypnosis is defined in the Lilienfeld text as a set of techniques that provides people with suggestions for alterations in their perceptions, thoughts and behaviors. In other words, hypnosis is a state of consciousness when a person is under an induced trance state that is almost like being asleep and becomes highly susceptible to suggestion. Hypnosis can be used in the science and clinical practice and studies have even shown that hypnosis enhances the effectiveness of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies. It is used in psychology a number of different ways such as treating pain, medical conditions, and habit disorders and helps the effects of therapies for anxiety, obesity, and other conditions. There is no evidence that hypnosis by itself is a treatment, but studies have shown many improvements from people who have been "treated" with hypnosis. I believe that scientists are on to something extremely significant if they can find proof that treating people with hypnosis does work because it can lead to some outstanding findings. A lot of people really don't understand hypnosis, thus there are six common misconceptions about it. The six misconceptions are that hypnosis produces a trance state in which "amazing" things happen, hypnotic phenomena are unique, hypnosis is a sleeplike state, hypnotized people are unaware of their surroundings, hypnotized people forget what happened during hypnosis, and that hypnosis enhances memory. People gather these theories about hypnosis from movies and other types of media that exaggerate the effect of hypnosis. I believe that the more studies we conduct about hypnosis, the more we will find and that hypnosis could be a life-changing treatment for people.

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Try to connect this more to other information outside of your text. Does hypnosis always seem to be effective or only for certain problems? Pictures and links to outside sources would be good.

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