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This blog is intended as a way for U of MN faculty members to post research/scholarly/creative projects for UROP applicants. Please post a brief description of a potential project including qualifications for applicants and contact information.

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Wind Turbine Data Acquisition and Analysis
The St Anthony Falls Laboratory of the College of Science and Engineering operates a 2.5 Megawatt wind turbine and meteorological tower at UMore Park as part of the Eolos Wind Energy Research Field Station. The Station captures a substantial amount of data on approaching wind, turbulence, weather information, and wind turbine operation. We are seeking one or two undergraduate engineering students to collaborate in research related to the collection of wind energy related data at the site. The specific project(s) will be determined based on the interests and skill sets of the students but could include analysis of meteorological tower data, analysis of turbine operational data, or the development of data quality monitoring methods for the primary data streams.

1. Student should be interested in renewable energy and particularly in wind energy.
2. Student should be in an engineering field such as aerospace, mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering.
3. Student must be energetic, self-motivated, and detail oriented as the products of the student-led research will be incorporated into the operation of the Field Station.

Contact: Jeff Marr (marrx003@umn.edu)

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