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UROP applicant wanted

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Contact: Burckhard Seelig

612-616-6281, seelig@umn.edu

Project Title: Biocatalysis and Directed Evolution of Designer Enzymes

Research Description: Our lab focuses on implementing Darwinian evolution in a test tube to generate novel proteins with custom-made properties. One objective of our research is to create enzymes as 'designer catalysts' because there is considerable interest in harnessing the power of enzymes for the synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and for the conversion of biomass. We are also studying our new enzymes in detail to help elucidate basic principles of biocatalysis and protein evolution. The research carried out in our lab combines a number of different disciplines, including molecular biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and protein engineering.


UROP Project: We have a variety of projects available. Initially, you will work closely with another lab member to learn the necessary techniques. The goal for you is to quickly become independent in executing your own experiments.

Two UROP students wanted

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Project Overview and Target Participants
This 15 month Training/Credentialing Program Pilot Project will use a cohort model in which 10 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), who support individuals or families that hire and train their own DSPs, will complete a monthly schedule of learning activities together. They will receive FREE competency-based training through the College of Direct Support, facilitated seminars to apply this learning to specific work situations and the assistance of Skills Mentors to design and develop a portfolio that demonstrates their competence through the National Alliance of Direct Support Professional's (NADSP) Credentialing Program.
Undergraduate Research Assistants Qualifications and Responsibilities
Two Undergraduate Research Assistants are being recruited to help design, implement, and evaluate this pilot project. Ideally students will have some education, training, and/or paid or volunteer experience in the field of human services. In addition, students will have some education, training, and/or paid or volunteer experience with facilitating teams or task groups, mentoring or interpersonal coaching, and evaluation or research background. Students will assist the project director with such tasks as: completing the same online training modules as required of project participants, facilitating learning seminars via dialogue about the online content, providing mentoring and coaching with DSPs, designing and conducting evaluation sessions, and assisting DSPs to develop portfolios that demonstrate competency as a direct support professional. In addition, students will meet regularly with the project director to review the work of project participants as individuals and team members.
Contact the Project Director, John Sauer at 651-231-1262 or jsauer@nadsp.org for further information and to express your interest in the pilot project

Summer Research Opportunity

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The 2012 Nebraska Summer Research Program offers research opportunities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields to undergraduates from different institutions. Visit their web at http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/ Summer deadlines are approaching fast (most are in February and March).

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