Analysis: MinnPost's lead in the story about Keith Ellison's support of Egyptian Protesters

By Mike Munzenrider

The lead to MinnPost's story about Rep. Keith Ellison's support for protesters in Egypt covers many news elements and details of the story. It explains in detail the who, what, where, and when, while not explaining why or how.

The lead is detailed in explaining Ellison's significance, saying he is the highest-level U.S. official to speak out on the protesters' behalf. This added detail illustrates the weight of his actions, further explaining the what of the story.

The lead does not report the specifics of Ellison's statements, how he made them, or why exactly his stance is significant in terms of wider U.S. policy. Further, the lead briefly explains the unrest in Egypt, but frames it in general terms.

The lead sets up the rest of the story well, because it previews all the details that are explained later on.

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