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Ch 1-5 Page 53

Her point in chapter 4 about not having the teacher answer her own question stood out to me. I really like how she structured a set of basic questions for almost any given text on page 53.
- First, ask a student to give a summary of the work.
- Then, ask another student to expand on the summary.
- Next, ask two questions about things you're still wondering about in the text.
- Then, look at a quotation from the text to examine what it means.
- Then, ask a connection question.
- Next, ask a visualizing question.
- Finally, wrap up with question(s) about that they have and/or confusing parts.

I see this format as being helpful in a large group discussion or a small group discussion. Because the questions are general enough for almost any text, the students will become easily familiar with the format and expect how they can answer them. This could replace a lot of prescribed questions that I tend to ask about texts, but then have to reword them. Even as ELLs, they should be able grasp these questions.


I must agree with your comment about the format and how it can help to structure deeper thinking in addition to being a guide for the teacher it becomes a gudie for the students.

Thanks for posting this helpful teaching strategy (I'll use it). I'm not reading this book, but if this is an example of its contents, I should be.


I agree with your thinking - I'd like to try it with my 6th graders, but with my low ELL kids, I would change just one small thing. I think I would reorder the questions - start with something like, "two things that were confusing, or two questions you have about the text." Of the list, this seems like the most approachable question, and the one everyone can participate in.

My students have SO MUCH trouble summarizing. Although, maybe this is why she sets it up for the scaffold of automatically having another student expand on the summary.

I guess I'll have to try it, and see how it works. Thanks for highlighting this!