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Deeper Reading Chapters 7 (metaphor)& 8 (reflection)

chapter 7
Last night as I was reviewing materials from the Weisman, the stapled handout entitled "Startegies to teach students to reflect critically and interpret meaning" number 6 emphasized metaphorical thinking, as did the Harvard site:http://www.pz.harvard.edu/tc/index.cfm. If I hear it and see it enough, I'll get it. When I (or anyone else) speaks metaphorically in class, we' Il talk about its effectiveness, but I've never used metaphors as a teaching strategy. I like the idea.

Chapter 8
The response I get the most from students about the novels we read is: why is everything we read so depressing? A couple years ago I'd begin Mondays with the Dave Barry column, but no more Dave Barry column. Alot of what we read calls for more lifetime (personal) experiences than what the typical 10th grader has. So, it's not that they are whining necessarily. I think they need to see the relevancy of the theme more. That's why I like Gallagher's theme notebook idea where students pick a theme from the book and link it to 10 other sources.

I like Gallagher's question: "What do I hope my students will take from this book?"


I think what is so great about "What do I hope my students will take from this book?" is that it reminds us of our audience and purpose. It's too easy to slip into "What do I want to teach about this book?"-- which ultimately isn't the goal.

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