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Preparing our students

I was uncertain about the fit of this book for my students. It wasn't long before I realized that it was perfect for them.

As an elementary teacher I found that setting the satge for my students whether it be with food, games, guest speakers, or video clips the set up was as imprtant as anything else that I planned. Beginning the book Deeper Reading and reading about Framing and the imprtance of it and reading some new ideas hooked me just as I hope I will be able to hook my students with a broader catalogue of options.

Each game and activity that was shared in the book will work in mmy classroom as is or with a bit of adaptability. Word Scramble Prediciton will set my students cracking codes and prediction like they've never predicted before (p49). The Word Game (p47) will help keep the "learning is fun" atmosphere in the room while helping me to assess the reading capabilities and accountability of my students.

During the 06-07 School year I will be working with students of grades 3 and 5 in the areas of math and literature. Many of the suggestions Gallagher gives will work for both curriculum areas. The other term that will cross the curriculum is "Assumicide." This word is so imprtant for me because I begin with 100 new faces in September, faces I've never worked with before so I must assume nothing. A wonderful term.

An area that Barbara Johnson has addressed in her work is questioning and I remind myself that teaching students how to question is a vital part of their learning analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
Using the question techniques from chapter 4 will help students to develop that important skill.

The Character Chart will serve many purposes for my students. As I recall the beginning of last school year students requested more time to express their thoughts through drawing. I see the Character Chart as an opportunity for that to happen.

For the perfectionists in the class the Little Bit Lost technique will allow them to ease up on themselves to be placed in an "everybodies lost sometime" opportunity and share in a go round to make the confusion piece of literature okay.

I read this text like a nov3el. Coming back to review it for my blog offered me the opportunity to review the rich suggestions and commit to this resource for the year to come.


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