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Response To Jen's Entry

Hi Jen,
I read your entry on Deeper Reading.. Turning the author's metaphor acivities into canned worksheets resonated with me. So many students end up doing the same activites over and over again in one form or another because teachers, in a well meaning way, recycle them through the ranks.

I'm not as concerned with artifically teaching metaphor as you are because I see students struggle to develop language beyond the literal--both in their creative and analytical thinking. For high school students, I think this marks the edge of their development, so anything that gets them to engage in the development of figurative expression is a good idea to me.

Perhaps, the constant reflection that is inherent in a strategy like this would move students beyond the cliche???

I'm not familar with the other authors you cited. Have you read them in another class at the U?
Have a great time preparing for the caped crusader party--
Joyce Malwitz