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response to juggling class time

This entry is in response to the struggle to get students to read a novel/story a second time for deeper meaning.

I've started to more purposefully schedule assignments so that when we're working on revising a writing assignment in class, for example, I'm assigning a first reading of a novel (with some prereading acivities, of course!!). That way, I can expect a text has been read for the first time before we do in-depth work on it in class. Also, I may have already decided which parts of the text I want students to re-read and focus on those sections with class activities.

This doesn't always work, but it's a move in the right direction, I think.
Joyce Malwitz


So smart, Joyce. I have the problem, though, of working in a school that doesn't allow homework. Any ideas on how to do this layering if students aren't reading independently? I've settled for just using short excerpts from the novels I wish I were teaching so that we can do multiple readings, but I know my students are missing out.

I like the idea of tying in a writing assignment with that 2nd read. I have found that doing an interactive assignment alongside of the reading helps some students participate without actually reading. For example, they put together postcards, or newsletters or brochures, etc. This way, they at least have to look at some parts of the book and can participate. Jen, if you haven't tried this, it works well in the classroom and often doesn't require homework.