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Stepping into a Classroom

I need to make a comment that seems superficial, but I'm finding it very important to my respect for the book and my willingness to "buy into" the strategies and ideas: this is one of the first books I've seen that lists student interactions with a HUGE RANGE of abilities and reactions. So many times I read a teaching book, or we do one together in a study group, and our only reaction to the student conversations and writings is, "There's no way in hell that could happen in our classroom" with our low achieving students and overpacked classrooms and kids who are just learning English. I appreciate how Dr. Beers takes us into AP classes where the kids automatically provide perfect exemplars for how things "should" work, but she also takes us into rooms with dependent readers who simply respond, "I don't get it." Then she models for us how to move these kids along.
I say this because I'm finding myself much, much more willing to try a number of strategies from this book, much more so than with other texts I have read. I'm excited by that, and I wish she had an edition for K-3, since I'm finding these strategies will be perfect for my 6th graders, but not so transferable to my 1st graders with reading problems. I still have so much to learn!


I can't begin to tell you how many of the strategies I have used from this book! Also, I have shared several of them with teachers in our workshops. One that always gets recognized and used is "Tea Party." I definitely think you could use it in any grade and with many different subjects/genres.