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Too Much Beers Makes the Charles Go Blind

I finally finished WHEN KIDS CAN'T READ, and I am having the same reaction that I do when I read any outstanidng educational text. Where has it been all my life? And, why didn't someone give me this years ago? And, what have I been doing with my students? I can feel overwhelmed by these kinds of texts, and I don't know how to start incorporating her work into my classroom. I do wish she had done more to address issues related to second language learners. I've noticed that, for example, many of my Hmong students struggles with plurals and subject-verb agreement, and late in the year, I learned something about the Hmong language and its grammar that could explain those issues. If I had to pick a fight with Beers, it would be how she argues on p.260 for teachers to maintain high expectations and tells a great story about a class that demanded to read HUCK FINN (262-3), she argues for the use of Young Adult Fiction (275). I have no problem with handing an individual student a piece of YAF or having plenty of it available in the classroom library, but I haven't read much that's teachable - save A LESSON BEFORE DYING and THE CHOCOLATE WAR. Suggestions would be appreciated.



So glad that you liked Beers' book. It is one of my favorites. Her text is fun to read and provides explicit strategies that will move students forward. You can tell she has been in the trenches.