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Valuable lesson of retelling page 151

Sometimes the easiest thing in teaching is overlooked by me -- having students retell a story (or chapter) from memory. I liked the easy format the Beers used to set up a graphic organizer. My students use them all of them time to organize their thoughts and break down large assignments into more manageable ones.

I can see myself typing up a Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then chart and using it right away this fall.

Hopefully they can transfer this retelling skill into their other classes and in examining movies, tv shows, etc.


I really liked this strategy, too. My kids have such a hard time with summaries and retells. We tried a strategy this spring that made 4 sentence summaries, but that didn't help the kids to pick out what important info should go in their 4 sentences! This one make is really clear, I think.

I'll ask you about this strategy tomorrow. I'd like the graphic organizer idea. I agree with Erica, oftentimes, sentences will come out, but not necessiarily the most important ideas.

I like this strategy too. It's funny we both picked up on it. I want to use it as part of getting ready for class discussions about literature, especially with my support classes, which I have this coming year. It makes the kids write!