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What I liked about Ch. 9 & 10

In chapter 9, I liked the real world activites of reading product labels, comparing cellular phone plans, evaluating spam popups, writing an infomercial, and focusing on reading the newspaper. My reading in 10th and 11th grade is HEAVY on fiction with the hope that there is transference to the real world, but I don't reach out to the real world for reading material.
In chapter 10 I liked Gallagher's example of a lesson plan for deeper reading using "My turn" from Newsweek magazine. It was very step-by-step and practical. At the end of the chapter, I liked his parting warnings:
don't over teach the book
think of yourself as a painter with a blank palette
there's a difference between teaching and assigning
reading comprehension is complex and multifaceted

I gleaned many good ideas from this book.


I agree with you Joan. We are so heavily imbedded in fiction that I am constantly looking for ways to engage students. I also liked Gallagher's post reading chart in Ch.8 that helps students relate the events in book to their own lives. I am constantly looking for ways to do this and he offers a nice graphic organizer to lead kids in the right direction.