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My Digital Focus

For my digital focus, I am goig to do printing on glass, and make it into a chandelier. I have a bunch of different ideas for what my chandelier could look like. They are mostly all circular. For the context of the material, I think I will have written on the glass what design means to me and words that describe digital design. Here are some examples of chandeliers I like that I am using for inspiration.


New Digital Focus

I decided to change my idea for my digital focus. Instead of the chandelier project, I am going to do a collage on fabric. I was thinking of doing a series of corsets, but I might just do one corset, and some other objects: maybe a lamp or a canvas. I haven't really decided for sure though other than the corset. My original idea was to do a collage on a shirt, but shirts are so boring, and corsets are designed so beautifully. I thought it would be a good structure to build from.

On the corset I will print out different clips of different pieces of art I have created previously throughout my graphic design schooling. I will print them out on different fabrics, and sew them onto the corset in a collage-type organization. Here is a rough idea of what I am thinking.


Digital Focus Inspiration

Here are some of the images that I found online from illustratorweb.com. They are inspiration for my corset collage project.


Work In Process Ideas

I wanted to be able to screen print my digital images onto fabric, but I am thinking that iron on transfers may be better for my project. Since the images I am working with are relatively small, huge screen prints are not necessary. I am going to experiment with printing my images onto iron on transfers and then ironing them onto different fabrics.

Corset Inspiration

I want to change the information/images that I put on the corsets. Instead of putting my works of art on them like a portfolio, I want to do research on the history of corsets and create 3 corsets with images and information about three different time periods. I think the first corset will have the beginning of corsets, when they started, what they looked like, etc. Another corset will probably be Victorian time period. And maybe another one will be 1940ss ish. Here are some images that have given me inspiration.

More Inspiration/Digital Focus

Here are some more images and websites that are giving me inspiration and direction toward what I want to do with the corsets.


AT Rock and Roll (from illustrationweb.com)
• Calvin Klein
• Tommy Hilfiger
• Juicy Couture
• Roberto Cavalli
• Stussy
• Levis
• Ocean Pacific
• Quiksilver

AT are professional fashion & textile designers, working with the garment industry on high fashion, surf and swim-wear for many years. Our work has a strong graphic edge that is sometimes funny, occasionally subversive, often beautiful but always funky!

Artists: Alicia Caudle, Bird Cage

Heatherette by Richie Rich and Traver Rains

Work by Heatherette:





Random Vintage Inspirations:


Collage Time Periods I Might Use


Corsets I Designed

Here are three corsets that I've designed that correlate with the time periods I researched. myCorsets.jpg

These are some images/designs to go on my corsets


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