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I am currently working on the digital designs that I am going to sew onto the corset. I want them to look somewhat abstract. I am thinking about making designs, printing them onto the silk paper, cutting them into strips, and sewing them onto the corsets similar to the lines that the corset already has.


Here are some images I'm experimenting with. I like the abstractness of the last photo with the birdcage. I want to incorporate a bird cage or a modified rib image to symbolize the constraints placed on the women who wear corsets.


corsetCage copy.jpg


More Corset Designs

corsetTrio copy.jpg




I am currently printing the designs I'm creating onto the silk printer fabric. I am playing around with different sizing and colors to see what looks best. Once I have all the images exactely how I want them, I will print them all out and start applying them to the corsets.

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