Britten Peace Project Day 1: From Kelley Sundin, Voice Student

Britten Peace Project
Day 1: From Kelley Sundin, SOM Graduate Voice Student

The day has come, we have reached our destination in Detmold, Germany, and are about to embark on the performance journey of the Britten War Requiem. We have studied the work and rehearsed the piece extensively over a the Fall semester and are very excited to begin the runs of the first German performances of the War Requiem. The journey studying this piece thus has been very thought provoking, as this piece has great depth from a cultural and historical perspective. Today, we traveled eight and a half hours by plane and five hours on a bus to arrive to the beautiful city of Detmold, where we were greeted by our host from the Hochschule at the Youth Hostel on the top of the hill in Detmold for Kuchenessenuhr (cake eating hour). It was a wonderful way to enter German culture after our long travels from Twin Cities. Tomorrow, we begin our rehearsals to mount the Britten War Requiem. Tschüss!

Photos from a recent Britten Seminar at the SOM

Britten Seminar 1.jpg

Britten Seminar 2.jpg

Choral Rehearsal 1.JPG

Choral Rehearsal 2.JPG

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