John Grau on German Cuisine

I went to Germany believing that there is no better way to experience another culture than by indulging in a variety of their foods. After consuming delicious pastries, mouth-watering meals, and satisfying bier, I left Germany with a wonderful appreciation for their food and culture.

Upon arriving at our hostel, one of the first foods that we were exposed to was Berliners. A Berliner is a central European doughnut made from sweet yeast dough, which is fried in fat, filled with jam, and topped with either a powdered sugar or glaze coating. I found Berliners at most pastry shops and street stands, and by last count, I had eaten over 20!


Another delicious meal that I had was Schweineschnitzel. This was a breaded pork dish that was served with mushroom sauce and fries. It was presented to me warm and was very tender to cut. I think that this dish would be good with ketchup and maybe a squirt of lemon, but the mushroom sauce added a sweet and smooth finish that reminded me of turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving.


A visit Germany would not be complete without a bratwurst. A few other singers and I shared a brat in the train station prior to leaving Hannover, and I believe that this was one of the best brats that I have ever had. The brat was longer than I typically find in the states and had a wonderful sausage spice flavor. It was served in a very fresh and soft bun, which provided a contrasting texture to the brat.


Any meal requires something to wash it down with, and the local Detmold brewery didn't disappoint. One fine drink is the Detmold Pillsner, which is a tasty lager and light in feeling. This would have been perfectly paired with the Schweineschnitzel that I had. The other brew that I tried from local brewery was the Detmold Landbier. This beer was amber colored and made from roasted malts. It was refreshing and full-bodied, and would compliment a bratwurst very well.

Of course we all tried and preferred different things, but the foods that I mentioned in this post left me with a wonderful taste for Germany and did not satisfy my hunger for travel. I will have to go back for more!

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