Annette Haas reacts to the Britten War Requiem experience

For me it was a great experience to participate in this huge project. Not only as a member of the choir, but I also felt as if I was somehow the representative of my own country, The Netherlands, where both WWI and WWII had big impact. WWII was for Holland worse and more intense than WWI, but in both wars there were losses.

I thought that the opportunity to work with the Germans was a great one. It is more important to think about Germany as one of the world countries than as the country who was responsible for so many losses. Forgive but not forget and learn from history so we don't make the same mistakes.

I liked to go on tour.... It felt great and to work with all these different choirs was also a great experience. It was not always good for my patience because we had to go over things which we as university singers already did the week before. It gave me an idea how it is like to be on tour with an ensemble, and for me I like it!!

--Annette Haas, vocal performance

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