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We are so excited to present the Britten War Requiem today! We've had several nights of intense rehearsal and what we've been working on sounds amazing! The concert will begin with a semi-lecture to talk through this amazingly intricate piece and after a short intermission, the War Requiem will begin.

I personally have found it incredibly touching to be performing this piece both on German and American soil with both German and Americans. I can't help but shiver when baritone, Phillip Zawisza, sings, "I am the enemy you killed my friend..." Here I am sitting next to a German student from Detmold, Felix, who would be considered an enemy of America only sixty some years ago and yet, I consider him my new friend. I hope you all get to experience with us this incredibly moving piece whether today in Minneapolis or Saturday and Sunday in the Quad Cities.

-Zachary Colby, Master's in Vocal Performance

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